East & West Astrology……..9/11/07

There has always been a lot of *fear* around eclipses. One can only imagine what it must have felt like to observe the moon or sun go dark in the sky. The memories and feelings of that primal fear live on in our ‘old’ brain and continue to run like a silent computer program in the background. What do you think would happen if we used all of the power of our attention to dis-engage the fear button? Think about it. Practice.  Take a conscious, deep breath every time you feel fear. Go to a yoga class to learn the subtleties of breathing.


The September 11, 2007 Solar Eclipse occurs at 18 Vir 24 using the Western (tropical) zodiac. In the Eastern (sidereal) zodiac, the eclipse is occuring at 24 Leo 32′. degree.) There’s approximately 24-25 degrees difference between these two systems of astronomical measurement. (Google: Ayanamsa.)

Marc Edmund Jones, 10/1/1888 – 3/8/1980, the astrologer who ‘created’ the Sabian Symbols, taught that astrology “properly used” can help people see more clearly their own tendencies. Once seen, we can then apply our free will to adjust, modify, change, or ignore what has been seen. Our evolutionary engine depends on our ability to learn & grow in this fashion.

The sabian symbol for 19Virgo is: A SWIMMING RACE. (When you work with the sabian symbols you always round up to the next degree. You can also go here to read more of what I’ve been exploring with Sabian Symbols)

In his book, An Astrological Mandala, D. Rudyhar interprets this image as “The stimulation that comes from a group effort toward a spiritual goal.” Hmmm.

What would happen if our spiritual goal was: *peace in the moment, no matter what* ?

Rudyhar goes on to remind us not assume that the image symbolizes competition.
In fact, he then says that ” the personal ego-centered ambition to succeed and to be “first” is indeed a sign of expectable, spiritual failure.” Yikes!

I didn’t know there was such a thing as spiritual ‘failure’. Oh dear.

It does pose a dilemma, this image, (A Swimming Race) pointing to our issues around competition, success, failure, and how a competitive path interferes with spiritual rewards. He concludes by pointing us towards emulation. ….hmmmm.

Now, I’m wondering if Dane Rudyhar’s sabian symbols can be used with Jyotish, the Vedic system of astrology? I don’t recall ever reading or hearing any of my Jyotish teachers refer to these symbols. In fact the teachers were always quick to remind us NOT to apply western astrological techniques to eastern charts, and vice versa. (That’s surely something to meditate on…………..)
Jyotish does, in fact, have it’s own methodology for referencing each of the 360 degrees in the zodiac. They, too, use their discriminative faculties to identify incredibly subtle differences and broad sameness. (note to astrologers: please feel free to comment on this)

So, let’s break the rules for a moment and integrate these two astrological systems and see what happens.

book jacketThe sabian symbol (a western technique) for 25deg of Leo (the degree of the eclipse according to Vedic Astrologers. ) states: A LARGE CAMEL IS SEEN CROSSING A VAST AND FORBIDDING DESERT.
Self-sufficiency in the face of a long and exhausting adventure.
Rudyhar recommends, ” total independence from our surroundings and uncompromising persistence.”Hmm. How’s that sound? Reminds me a little of all of the forecasts from ERIS!!


So, let’s see what kind of theme’s play out over the next few months and look for how these images manifest in your personal world, and the external world. See for yourself how the essence of these themes get expressed. Of course each of us responds to eclipse energy differently. There will be those who are strongly affected, and those who are not. Consult your local astrologer and get a reading.

May all beings live in peace, no matter what.

Om Shanti.

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