Once you understand the concept of swirling, energetic motion (chi) and re-member that we live in a living (organic) body, you can apply the maps you are learning to any place, space, or surface.   By maps I mean: the bagua, luopan, or local space chart.ichingbagua.gif

A desk top is exactly that, the top of the desk.  Or,  it could also be the desktop of your computer monitor, or ipod screen.    (If you are familiar with the EMDR techniques available, and/or you practice yoga for the eyes, then you may have become aware of how our eye movements, and the patterns of those movements, affect our brain/neural pathways.  Once you understand this body map you can apply some yoga therapy to balance it…………..if necessary.

A compass of some kind is helpful. Working with directions is an important concept and maps & compasses prevent us from getting lost.  The bagua is a generic map anyone can follow.   The “local space astrology chart” is more complicated since it provides the same depth of information that is found on the luopan.  Go here for more information on local space charts which function as both a A compass and a time-keeping tool.

Begin, as usual, by creating intention and finding center. Sit at your desk and begin to see the space around you as a ‘whole’, noting what is in the various 8 segments of the desktop.  Begin to arrange things, mindfully, remembering your intention with each breath.  Look at the new arrangement.  Adjust, feel, see it as a metaphor, scan the body for sensations.  Welcome the changes that come.

Solar Eclipse Coming.

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May we all live well.

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