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When we make self-inquiry part of our daily spiritual practice we allow ourselves the bliss of integration. Do you like to do jig-saw puzzles? There a lot of high’s and low’s  show up with that particular past-time. The Missing Piece, Turning the Corner, Completing the Frame, ……….and then the Moment of Completion! Or, maybe, The Agony of Despair because completion is impossible. Life is like that. Every day a new…

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I visited Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland a few years back and had what I consider an amazing experience there. I was standing on steps, waiting with many other people to be allowed admittance into this magnificent space. I arrived at this moment feeling pretty calm & healthy despite the joyful vibrations of extreme anticipation. Libraries are special places for me and I was about to enter the oldest…

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The Peruvian shamans living high up in the Andes Mountains have come down to tell us that a new species of human being is about to appear. They call this being ‘Homo Luminous’. They tell us that forerunners of Homo Luminous are already among us right now. Like Cro-Magnon Man of 26,000 years ago, the last time that we passed through the cusp of Aquarius, so too now a new…

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    He said, “Come to the Edge.” I said, “I can’t, I’m afraid.” He said, “Come to the Edge.” I said, “I can’t, I’ll fall off.” He said, finally, “Come to the Edge.” And I came to the Edge. And he pushed me. And I flew. Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918)

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