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A long time ago I created the word timescaping….it’s a verb.  I couldn’t find it anywhere else, and I researched it, so I’m ready to take ownership of this word, now.  It describes the act of perceiving time as  cyclical & multi-dimensional, not linear, which is how a majority of us see it.  The word implies, by intention, that we can have an effect on time, just as time effects…

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Here’s the astrology chart for our yoga nidra this Sunday.  I find it makes for a delicious experience  if I take the time to study the Timescape© for the event.   Timescape is a word I invented in 1989 to describe the particular astrological technique I use to help people manage their time better.  Time, and our management of it, is a major stress factor for our modern day society . …

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No time to blog this morning….too much other writing needs to get done.  But I did spend a delightful 30 minutes starting this doodle.  What’dye’think? Check the schedule page…..that’s where I’ll be writing today. Full Moon Coming….. Om Shanti……………….  

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