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As you know, I don’t usually engage in online political discourse however I am going to make an exception here today.
In our Tuesday am class we discussed the link that I am sending you and as a group we sort of decided that this NJ Congressman needs to hear from us, us being those practicing yoga.
As you will read,  Assemblyman Joseph J. Roberts from District 5 (Camden & Gloucester) has submitted a bill to the legislature of NJ that would require yoga teachers and studios to be licensed by the State.  He lumps us in with “exercise facilities” & “fitness professionals”, disregarding completely the uniqueness of yoga.  His ignorance reflects that of the mainstream with regards to what yoga really is.
Now, I do not claim to KNOW what yoga actually is, or isn’t.
I’m still engaged in the practice of knowing who I am or aren’t and we all know how long that can take!  Nevertheless, I feel that it’s my civic responsibility to add my voice to any issue that touches my heart.  This one, ‘got me’……………………………….
I feel that I am doing a part by keeping you informed.  Integrating skillfull mental activity (buddhi) with willfull action (tapas) and a spirited purpose (karma) is tough stuff and needs lots of practice.
My intentions are to join with other yoga/wellness/holistic professionals in NJ in educating our legislature as to the reality of yoga.
Many voices speaking truth at the same time can be ‘transformational’.
Do what you will.
Trust that everything is good.
And, please, share your yoga experience(s) with those around you so that we can bring more people out of ignorance and into the light.
Om shanti.
All that said, here are some links to check out regarding this issue.

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One of the precepts of yoga (fromthe yamas & niyamas) is svadhyaya, a Sanskrit word loosely translated as self-study. Swami Kripalu, the wise sage from India that inspired the creation of Kripalu Center in MA,  says that “self observation without judgment” is the highest form of yoga we can practice. The Sanctuary is a place to practice.

Since 2002, The Sanctuary has been a host to yoga classes, astrology workshops, feng shui trainings, meditation circles and many other types of spiritual/metaphysical studies. The intent is to provide  a safe and sacred space where self discovery is encouraged, deep transformation is possible, and healing can occur.

Directions to The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is located at 560 Main St. Suite 2C in Loch Arbor, NJ which is just north of Asbury Park, NJ. It is easily reached from the NJ Garden State Parkway and other major roads as well as walking distance from the NJ Transit train station . See Map

Also within walking distance is the Atlantic Ocean, Deal Lake, the rejuvenated city of Asbury Park, shopping & restaurants.

Our telephone number is (732) 531-9013.


The Sanctuary is on the second floor of a small office building. There is no elevator. Ample, well-lit parking off the street is located at the back of the building. Inside, there are approximately 500 square feet of empty, carpeted space suitable for yoga practice. Some yoga props and supplies are available.

The building is mostly leased by professionals such as: accountants, therapists, property managers, insurance agents, etc. It is very quiet most of the time and there is not a lot of ‘thru’ traffic. Western exposure provides ample daylight, and the landlord provides heat, a/c, and electric.

The Sanctuary is available to guest teachers, facilitators, and healers. For more information click on Questions? above.  It’ll provide you with a contact form.

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I got to watch a bridge being built. That isn’t something that happens around here very often. However, the day I signed the contract for my new home the old bridge that got me there was torn down. How’s that for a metaphor?!?!

It took a year to move in……….a year to go the long way around to get to what is “just over there”. I had to constantly travel in circles. Life’s like that sometimes.
After I finally did move in I was able to watch construction. (There were all kinds of delay’s and setbacks that prevented the new construction from moving ahead too quickly??)

I was fortunate (or quite unfortunate) enough to be in my home as they began to “drive in the pilings” that would provide support for the structure. The ground vibrated violently in resistance to the plunging and pummeling machinery. The sound was deafening and there were days when I thought my eardrums were truly going to implode or something! Naturally, I tried to leave when I could and schedule my time around this horrendous interruption in my ‘peace of mind’.

What became so interesting was how my life began to ‘open up’ after the bridge was complete and I could, once again, get to where I had to go more directly. It was as if the bridge became a metaphor for my life. Quite amazing, actually.
Today, another bridge is being repaired in my neighborhood. (I live where there’s a lot of water!) Once again, my habitual route to everywhere is interrupted with another detour. Methinks that Mars Retrograde has shown up as a very interesting metophor in my life. Thankfully, this bridge is a bit down the road and I don’t need to listen to the noise again. Oh well.

I’m leaving tomorrow for a 10 days of bliss up at Kripalu. I don’t think I’ll have any time to post, but you never know. Happy New Year.

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Tonite I am facilitating another Yoga Nidra experience. The timing seems to be very auspicious. On Sunday, Aug 12 there will be a New Moon at 20 degrees of Leo. That degree point has been very, very, hot (!) over the past few years…..and it’s a powerful point…… I’m glad to have this opportunity to de-compress before another lunar cycle begins.

Twenty degrees of Leo, according to Dane Rudyhar (An Astrological Mandala) refers to ” a return to the glorification of natural energies.”

Hmmmm. There’s a lot of different ways that might manifest. If you are a yoga teacher this would be an opportune time to practice ‘holding’. If you practice feng shui, you might want to look around your house and identify what has NOT changed in a long time. Start to change it.


Let’s envision,





for all.

the bridge across the street

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi……………………….

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