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Tugging_at_your_harp_stringsWow!  Sunday was my first-ever storytelling performance with a harp, and the audience was delighted.  I recognized some serious applause and I was told later that everyone was talking about me, although, I don’t think it was really me they were talking about….it was really about the harp.  Once again  I forgot how utterly mesmerizing this instrument is to most people….and me too, of course.  For all the worry, anxiety, and practice….the music just flowed exactly the way it was supposed to.

Chiron teaching harp to Achilles

In the first person, I told the story of Chiron’s Birth and why he came to be living in a cave with his harp.

This centaur, known as The Wounded Healer, is a mythological story that has captured my attention for the past 20 years or so and I’m frequently referring to his symbolism in my lectures/workshops and yoga therapy classes.  He’s got a powerful story for our times, for sure.  So many of us  feel wounded, shamed, abandoned and just plain old sad.    I’ve blogged a bit about Chiron, the asteroid, and this post gives a pretty good overview of the astrological Chiron.   Today Chiron is traveling thru Pisces which supports healing thru music.

 This was the first time, in a long time, that rather than teach or facilitate,  I practiced Performance & (intentional) Drama.    I was totally unprepared for the sheer joy that I experienced after it was over and thruout the following day.  It was wonderful to find a new, creative outlet that brings together so much of what I love to do, and still challenges me in new ways.  But four minutes is nothing when your hands are on the strings, you know?

Already, I am planning Chapter 2, and expanding my story to maybe 10-15 minutes?  Who knows?  For now, Storytelling is a new hobby/activity for me and I am so excited to see where it takes me.

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Mala BeadsCall it luck.  Call it politics.  Call it whatever you want.  I call it a godwink that I didn’t get a ticket for a moving violation today.

I was ‘cruising’ along a wide open waterfront street in a local town when I spotted the police car.  I looked down, and I was going a gentle 40mph on a 25 mph road. Oh! God! No!  But, I didn’t get the ticket for speeding.  I also didn’t get a ticket for not having my (newly re-newed) car insurance with me. That fine would have been expensive.   However, I did indeed receive a ticket,  for obstruction, and he pointed to the old, faded, sun-bleached malabeads that have hung off my rear-view mirror for over 20 years.

Immediately I felt saved by the god of my understanding.  I smiled at Patrolman P., took the beads off the mirror and then handed them to him as a gift, explaining at the same time that they were a gift to me from a beloved swami and that I felt it only right to pass them along to him.

He smiled at me, his eyes were twinkly, and I could tell he was happy to only serve me with a ‘mild’ offense. He refused my gift and we said goodbye.

Om shanti, peace to all beings.

ps.  I put them back a few miles down the road.  🙂

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Tomorrow is the first of a series of experiential workshops using the astrological natal chart as tool for self-inquiry and self-development.  It’s been quite a ride for me personally, as I have chosen to follow the stars for most of my life.

These days Uranus is conjunct my mid-heaven and moving in towards a conjunction with the  NN.  Neptune is conjunct SN natally. Obviously, things are changing.  Unknown territory looms ahead for me.  Thanks to the stars,  Pluto is finally past my moon.  Om shanti.

The outer planets, along with all things lunar, have captured my attention for decades.  As a working astrologer who reads charts for individuals, I am also particularly interested in Time, time-measurement, time-management, time-keeping, and what I call Time-Scaping, which is what happens once we have mastered our personal relationship with time and create a life-rhythm which is sustainable.  The cycles of the planets along with the orbit of the moon provide the raw data that is needed.

Anyway, I digress.  Tomorrow’s workshop will tackle the idea that the Lunar Nodes represent our Soul’s Purpose in this incarnation. We’ll look at the nodes in our respective natal charts and discuss it.  Then we’ll take our new found information and practice being our ‘true selves’ using various yogic techniques.

I’ve been doing this work for a lifetime already, and I still get excited when I see the look of “enlightenment” come over someone’s face.  That sudden expression brought on by the combination of insight, understanding, and joy is unmistakeable.

If you’re in or aound Asbury Park, NJ, find us!  The door is round and open  (rumi)

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mask_ii.jpgNamaste, Everyone.

I’m facilitating another Yoga Nidra tomorrow morning.  First one of the year.  Can’t believe it’s 2013 and we’re all still here!!  Just kidding.

The astrological aspects are so supporting for this kind of yoga practice right now.  The possibilities are limitless.  The little stellium of Sun Neptune, Chiron and Venus re-affirms a drive towards spiritual healing.

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Oh my.  I have been struck, hard.  My home state.  My home town.  My zipcode.  My topography.  All changed.

It’s one thing, to choose to change one’s life, intentionally, deliberately, and purposefully.  It’s quite a different thing to be the recipient of another’s choosing.  ie Mother Nature or God, or that mysterious Higher Source.

Anyway, I feel a resurgence coming on for attending to my blogs,  which if you follow or like or pin me up somewhere you know that I have not been writing much.  That just means that there are stories to tell, and lessons to teach.

Today, I am  living on the new edge of my old Jersey Shore town.   I am blessed to have what I have.  The devastation here is wide spread.  It’s the entire state at the same time.  Locally, I have seen some of this before.  The boardwalks in particular.  They’re always getting torn up.  The trees are dangerous for sure, and some houses were sliced in half.  but, amazingly , more misses than hits and that was miraculous.  The power outages are the worst, and gas lines are to be expected.  The flooding, here, for me was a non-event and for that I am grateful.

The days ahead are sure to be interesting. Maybe I’ll post again tomorrow.  I need to be quiet now.

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Live!  From the dead!  Asbury Park lives on!

Here’re a few early morning photo’s taken from my favorite beach spot before they closed it down to the ‘locals’…….  wow, it’s a transformational moment for sure.  (click on the photo’s for a larger vies)  I’ll try to add some more as the weekend unfolds.  It’s interesting that it’s all happening under a retrograde Venus and a Solar Eclipse.

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Hello, Every One.

I hope that you are well, those of you that follow this blog.  I am grateful for your attention.

Right now, I am one of those , OMG i just looked out the window and I’m wondering if I should be shoveling snow off the roof!

I’ve lived in this zipcode nearly my whole life and right now I can honestly say I’ve never seen it look like this, here, in NJ, in decades…..and I can’t wait to go out for a walk!   There are people out walking in it.

I am reminded that joy and sadness can co-exist.  A storm can be a blessing in disguise. ….or not.

Jai Bhagwan. Namaste.

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Mother, Youngest DaughterYou are missed.

Love from your one and only,

Granddaughter- Daughter


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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I wish I had a picture to show you the duck that I saw yesterday!

Here’s the short story.

I’m driving down a straight road and looking at the oncoming traffic. Suddenly, in between two cars heading towards me I see a duck flapping and flying in exactly the same place as a car would be. It was not high in the sky. It was  in formation with the cars, and really flapping those wings hard to keep up with the traffic. Oddly enough,  it looked like the most natural thing in the world for a duck to be in line with these cars.

Anyway, it was so startling that I nearly had to pull over from laughing so hard.

The world can be a magical place sometimes.

Look around.




Be kind to others.

Om shanti, peace.

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…………open again.
Om shanti om.

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