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Recently at Kripalu, I had the great, good fortune to meet up with Akim Funk Buddah. Akim is a wonderful teacher and/or role model for our youth today. He delivers a very important and timely message within his chosen form of Hip-Hop music and Rap style of talking. I am grateful that he is out there helping to create a more peaceful world. In my wildest dreams, never did I…

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Could you feel it? The dissemintating moon phase slides in softly, easily. Mercury is completing it’s retrograde period and we are moving easier to Center now….just a few ripples in the pond…….no tsunami here. We are grateful, yes? Imagine a world where “………..everything is music”. (rumi)

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I even love the word…..festival. There’s so much potential for fun, laughter, hugs, smiles & generally good vibrations. It’s gonna be a great day!

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Find Center……………….stay there…………keep moving…….. Over the years I have worked & studied with a variety of musicians, dancers, movement therapists and yoga teachers including Gabrielle Roth, Emily Conrad, Anodea Judith, Selene Vega, Shiva Rae, Dan Levin, Connie Miller, Jeffrey Hoffman and many of the Danskinetics teachers at Kripalu Center. My experiences with these teachers brought positive changes to my life and continue to inspire me every day. Getting my yoga…

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  Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance, when you’re perfectly free. rumi

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The Yogi, whose mind is in harmony, finds rest in the spirit within and deep communion with the whole Free from restlessmess her soul is like a lamp whose flame burns steady in a shelter where no winds blow. Bhagavad Gita VI: 16-21 What happens when you add the element of sound to a hatha yoga practice? We’ve been exploring that in my classes for months now. After our centering…

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  It’s that time again…….time to practice all those wonderful Celtic tunes on my harp. Get out the green clothes. Dance a jig…….or two. The album cover here is one of my harp teachers. She’s from Ireland and travels around teaching traditional Irish tunes by ear. The amazing thing is that I’ve actually learned to play from her………..and other wonderful teachers as well. Gratitude to the teachers………………………. Click on the…

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I just love this picture of Krishna. I yearn to sit under a tree, play some music, and have that wonderful backdrop of mountains behind me. My preference would be the harp though…..I don’t have the right stuff for the ‘wind’ instruments! Picture found at: Tonite I have my ‘beginner’s’ class once again and my intention is to lead them in a sweet, gentle vinyasa to “Awaken the Spine”.…

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