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ahimsamlkIt’s MLK Day.

A day of peace?

more war?



When hopes, and dreams, and cures, & kingdoms fail, what then?

For some odd reason of neural wiring, I always seem to link MLK to Gandhi.

Maybe it is because they both have darker skin then me?

How to know anything, for sure, anymore?

We live in a world that debates the definition of the word “is”.  And, perhaps, it is a worthwhile discussion to have?

Discussions and conversations give us opportunities to practice ahimsa, and amen to that.

I met Gandhi’s grandson about 10 years ago.  He gave a talk on ahimsa and told a story that really helped me to understand the concept,  rather than the definition.

Non-Violence in all things is a way of life, that begins again with every breath you take.  Start now.  Start again.

My teachers taught me how to look at myself,  first.  Practice.


The Bagua is an ancient map that helps us to understand the world around us.  It’s part of the Feng Shui tool box. Light a candle in your spiritual corner today, chant an om or a tone, and meditate on peace.

I’m leading yoga tonite……6pm.  Feng Shui Trainings coming this Spring.


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To me, feng shui is a perspective that we cultivate.  It’s a way to see life that is impersonal, intuitive, and timely.  For instance, My attention was just captured by a young man cleaning up his dog’s solid waste deposited on the concrete alley behind my apartment’s garage.  That would be the “root’s” area of the bagua.

It’s an interesting mental exercise to see these seemingly random changes to our environment as symbolic of laotzu3something larger.  It’s easy to go into la la land too.  But by following the ancient rules and laws of metaphysics, there is a certain truth that becomes revealed from this line of inquiry.

We look outside of ourselves for validation, for information, for pure entertainment. Feng Shui challenges us to look at these same externals and at the same time reference something inside and personal.  As they say, outside noisy, inside empty.

Feng Shui, to me, is environmental yoga, a way to bring ourselves into greater harmony and balance with what is.

Notice, today, what changes occur in your yard and home.

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Today, for me,( because we’re all on different ‘clocks’, right?), started with the moon……, I can feel the conjunction with Pluto/Nodes coming. My dreams are more vibrant, I am inspired to write again. ..and maybe play the harp, too.  My emotional body (manomayakosha) has demanded my attention, yet, again.

It can be exhausting sometimes… in the moon.

Pluto is crawling back and forth through the early degrees of Capricorn and anyone with anything there or in the early degrees of Cancer (and, Libra, and Aries) is feeling this magnetic force that is everpresent these days.  The airwaves are full of stories about EMF’s and the dangers of just about everything that is needed to survive something or other.  There’s nothing new under the sun.   These are generational times a’changing which means taking the ‘global’ view of everything.  Capische?

This muddle of planets and nodal action  is moving thru my personal 6th house these days and it’s true…..Changing my daily routine is really hard to do.  How  I manage the gazillion things that must be done on any given day reflects my unconscious behavior patterns or lunar behavior.  (my moon is in the 12th houses.

Yet change I must.    Or not.  The 28 day rule still works well for breaking old habits and replacing them with new, improved, habits.  Your local astrologer can explain to you how to live life with the lunar cycle. ( If not, find me……it’s been quite a specialty!)

In the end (and when is that coming, you say?) it’s still our choice vs.  no choice in how we want to live our daily lives.  We live in a world that perceives it’s environment from a dual-perspective.  Most of us. Until that changes, and it is indeed happening in my world, not much can ever get accomplished.  It’s time for the human race to evolve….regardless of where we began (a sperm cell or a spark from god’s eye), and that’s another keyword for Pluto….evolve/evolution.

One habit that remains in my daily routine is checking the daily horoscope column.  There are so many out there that really try to write a good ‘daily’ but no one does it better than my peer, Michael Lutin from NYC.  Thanks Mikey for this timely reminder!!

It’s time for pranayama & meditation now.     These are the best parts of my daily routine.  Om shanti.

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I  recently re-located myself to Long Beach, CA.  I have a brand-new grandchild to welcome into my heart and the time is now for me to leave home, just for a while,  and experience life differently.

I’ve lived on my Jupiter line nearly all of my life and what a gift that has been for  six decades.  Abundance, knowledge, wisdom and grace… are a few of Jupiter’s gifts.  I was lucky in some ways.  Jupiter is in it’s detriment in my natal chart….good things are only just so good, and no more.

My Pluto line (on my astro-cartography map)  runs through Long Beach, CA.  (You might want to read this post if you need help  to understand the terminology)

No doubt my adventure here will be an interesting experience.


33n46 118w11
Astro-cartography-map with local space lines shown.


This is not a location I would  choose for this stage of my life.  Pluto renders us power-less a lot of the time.  The fact that I am having a major Pluto transit to my Moon/Venus/Uranus stellium is both comforting and terrifying.  But, the pull of grandchildren is strong.  You get to see how generations are different and similar.  That’s a function of Pluto as well…taking a longer, larger view of things so that evolution and transformation have time to happen.

Anyway, Pluto is showing up all over the place most recently with the toxic, exhaust fumes that flow through my apartment on a daily basis.  It might be the exhaust from the car parked underneath me (I’m in a garage apt) or it might be from the cars that are parked nearby in the alley behind my bedroom.  This morning it got so bad I immediately put on my sneakers to go for a walk to the beach which is right at the end of my street.

to be continued.

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Feng Shui, the oriental art of placement, has been around for thousands of years. For generations its principals have been handed down as a form of folk wisdom.  Masters and adepts were called in to clear out negative spirits. Homes were sanctified and protected by invisible space.

The techniques evolved over time to include: Choosing building sites, designing the interior environment, and placing furniture.

When done, consciously, good health and good fortune will follow.  It’s written in the stars.

Over time thrThe Wayee different schools of thought developed, each of which addressed environments from a different, yet compatible, point of view. The Taoists were the earliest practitioners, followed by those who called themselves Confuscion’ists.  The most recent school of thought has been developed by Buddhists calling themselves The Black Hat Sect. More recently there is a growing group of practitioners doing research and development with a technique known as Local Space.  You won’t find much written on this before 1990 or so because it is too mathematically complicated to learn without a computer and a rudimentary understanding of astrology.

The underlying principal of feng shui, and all the esoteric sciences is the concept of Chi. ( Prana is the word that is used in Vaastu Shastra,)  Chi is the life force energy that flows through everything. It’s invisible yet powerful, and when it is blocked or obstructed it can impact our lives in  surprisingly undesirable ways. Learning how to arrange our landscapes, our living rooms, and our lives  in alignment with flow of chi energy is what feng shui is all about.

Telluride by Frank Lloyd Wright

This experiential course of study will enable you to practice feng shui for yourself and for others.  If you’re interested in becoming a professional in the field I offer a mentorship program available to those who qualify.

The course of study that I have developed begins with the philosophy of feng shui and covers how belief systems combine with human psychology & science to create our life circumstances.  Additional topics will include:

  • How and why feng shui works.
  • The three different schools and what each has to offer.
  • The Elements. Balancing the elements is a key component along with determining the best geographical direction for sleeping, cooking, and working.
  • The geographical directions.
  • The maps. (Bagua, Local Space, Astro-Cartography
  • The problem with clutter.
  • Feng Shui in the Garden.
  • Eliminating sleep problems with feng shui.
  • How to increase wealth & resources.  Finding a career or job.  Selling/Buying real estate.
  • Smoothing out relationship difficulties.
  • Living with electro-magnetic energy and it’s impact on our health.

Creating safe and sacred space.

Ida’s interest in feng shui began during college while studying art & interior design in the 70’s. She gained practice in the field while working as a real estate agent. Today, she uses feng shui along with yoga & astrology to help others create balanced, healthy, lives. Some of her experience in the field includes: Brookdale College, St. Barnabas Hospitals (NJ), the Breast Center at Monmouth Medical, Lucent Technology, NJ Supreme Court offices, a golf course, 100’s of residential properties, real estate offices, retail stores, yoga centers large and small,  business offices and schools.  she has been a state & national presenter at various conferences teaching others how to balance their lives with Feng Shui.


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a sound is good or bad.  Please watch your ‘judging’ mind.  That is part of the practice.  Begin by just noticing sound. In your home. In the environment. In your body. Notice the breath at the same time, because there can be no sound without chi.  To learn feng shui, you must understand chi.

To understand something like chi, you must experience it’s effects.  Feng Shui has a strong experiential quality……it cannot be learned by the mind, alone.

Feng Shui sound/music therapy

Can you feel it? It being the on going conjunction of Chiron & Neptune & Jupiter’s visit this last year.

I’ve been watching the unfolding of this new paradigm for many years.  We are in the cycle of eclipses today… a time of ‘transition’ where all things become possible.  Watch your thoughts, emotions, actions, and beliefs.  Nourish yourself & others. Practice ahimsa, often by paying it forward, or receiving with grace. Love everyone.

And, I love this website, and this particular post reminded me something deep and profound.  Check it  out….. It’s important for those of you who are learning feng shui to become aware of the difference (in your own body) of negative ions & postive ions in a space.

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Sound is a very important element to consider when feng shui’ing your home.
to listen more closely to the sounds in your home.

Watch this video for inspiration…..if you like it check out the movie: Touch the Sound.  I watched it last night.

Do you have any instruments in your home?  Where have you placed them?

Think about it.  Meditate….. contemplate silence.

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the t-shirt was black this year I  returned home from the 2009 Harper’s Escape on Sunday.  The tunes are still running thru my head, awake and asleep.  I am filled with joy and gladness that so much joy and gladness can be shared with harps.  Yes?

40 of us gathered strong under  gloomy, doomy October skies to learn a few tunes, in community with each other.  Angels as well as devils showed up. Spiritual energy/vibration allowed it to be all okay, just as it is.

Om shanti. Peace to all.

On Sunday, we performed as a sort of harp orchestra at the local public library.  We were quite the hit; a waiting line stood patiently outside the room for the entire performance hoping for a seat to open up.

I was relatively pleased and content with my own ‘performance’, noticing with every breath how the inner critic is still alive and well!

But, once again I was amazed and awed by the sheer diversity of our group.  The harp is what brought us together and held us in-common.  Regardless of color, creed, culture, or zodiac sign, we worked together for an entire weekend to create a concert for the public.  Peace is always possible.

Astrologically speaking it was a weekend of Neptune/Chiron/Jupiter & Moon energies.  Sweet, serious, and silly all together with lots of food, drink, and water…….it rained a lot.  The balsamic phase of the moon was occuring in Late degrees of Libra.  Read more about balsamic, it’s very important to understand our human need for deep rest.


Gotta go practice……I’m haunted by the Harris Dance.

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