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I’ve been back for nearly a month now, yet Paris lingers in my mind.  The Eifel Tower was my #1 must see and we got there on the first day.  The night before, we wandered around an amusement park near our hotel and when we got near the top of our ferris wheel ride I got my first glimpse!  So exciting!  Hard to get the *feel* of it all from my pictures….need to improve my photography skills- but, if you click on the photos’s to make them bigger you might feel the awe that I felt.

….more later

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Nothing is the same since Sandy.  That’s not necessarily good or bad either.  It’s different.  There’s a lot of construction, everywhere.  New businesses, new residences and new rules too.

My hyper-local beachfront has been a real hub of activity.  It seems like it’s the staging ground for the ongoing, never ending, beach replenishment.  My most familiar beaches are more than triple the size they were last year.

It all seems a bit futile to me.  How we still think/believe we can negotiate with mother-nature.

I’ll be traveling for a while now and looking for a ‘story’ to bring home from my adventure.   My application was approved and I’ll be returning to the NJ Storyteller’s Festival at Grounds for Sculpture  in September!

more later.

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Heading to the NJ State Folk Festival this weekend where I’ll see one of my favorite harp teachers.  I’m really excited to hear some current folk music.   It’s been a while.   As a “baby-boomer-extraordinaire” I spent countless hours listening to people like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Tim something?……   It’s a maritime theme this year and I just attended a local photowalk and took these pictures (scroll down) experimenting with b/w in the fog. I rarely spend time around boats so the sychronicity is hard to ignore.

Music touches and heals us like no other activity. It’s A Documented Truth. Playing instruments, singing songs, or listening to others play and sing lights up our brain cells and activates the neural plasticity that is being written about so frequently now.

That yod I mentioned yesterday….it’s energizing my Sun in ways that are amazing to experience…physically, mentally, and most obvious (to me) synchronistically.   Does that make sense?  It’s hard to verbalize.

Time to go learn Row, Row, Row your Boat on my harp……

Jai Bhagwan…..

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Live!  From the dead!  Asbury Park lives on!

Here’re a few early morning photo’s taken from my favorite beach spot before they closed it down to the ‘locals’…….  wow, it’s a transformational moment for sure.  (click on the photo’s for a larger vies)  I’ll try to add some more as the weekend unfolds.  It’s interesting that it’s all happening under a retrograde Venus and a Solar Eclipse.

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Practice Patience.

(I’m using a very wide orb here)…..

if so, then Saturn is coming up to conjunct your natal Pluto.




and sometimes Immovable.

Patience is key.

A good time to establish a yoga practice to re-generate your stress and turn it into skillful action and right thinking.

Easily said.

Difficult to practice.

Find a spiritual  teacher.



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