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Let the mind be the mind.

Behind its restless activity,

just one layer deeper

is stillness, and beneath

even that, is an ocean of mystery and truth.

Swim in this eternal sea

until you know yourself

to be infinity, and bring

that knowing back into

your day.  Why struggle

to be what you are already?

Let the mind be the mind

but don’t bind yourself

to its limited reality.

Trust your experience of

vastnes.  Trust the truth

that never loses potency

or disappears in fear.

Let the mind be the mind

and identify not with

thought, but silence.

…from Limitless by Danna Faulds.

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Recently, I have had many good reasons to delve further into how & why we heal. Because, some of us actually do heal from our physical/mental/emotional/spiritual challenges. And some of us don’t.
It’s a fine line that divides those that do from those that don’t, and it takes a  subtle, intuitive eye to discern. Microscopes are useless if you’re looking for the big picture.
I’ve learned from a 40+ years of raja yoga practices that we are, indeed, more than just our bodies. We are more than our minds and our emotions, too. This is a concept not easily grasped by many. And yet, there are certainly changes to see. Look around. Beginings and Endings are what help us be ‘in time’.
When I began to learn about symbolic languages, brand new neural pathways formed in my brain. Modern day brain science has validated for me, everything that I knew intuitively growing up. And, I am not alone. Many, many, many people, everywhere are waking up to the same realizations about who we are, and who we are not, every day.
The Alphabet vs The Goddess, by Leonard Shlain is a wonderful book that really makes a bold statement about how language has shaped us as a culture, and as individuals. A fascinating read.
Many of my early astrology teachers required us to memorize the meanings of the houses/signs/planets by using KeyWords. Once you had established a growing vocabularly it becomes easy to create interpretations. Whether they are accurate, useful, or necessary is a discussion left for another time. It was clearly understood by many, that you cannot understand and learn astrology from just reading books about astrology; most especially if you were planning on consulting with clients as a practice.
Gotta run.
Om peace.Man's First Breath

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Sylvia Boorstein, an esteemed teacher of Theravada Buddhism, once led me into a meditation exercise where I was asked to notice every thought and to label it as painful, pleasurable, or neutral.

Easier said than done.

First, ‘notice your thoughts’. Anyone who has practiced meditation in any of its forms immediately comes face to face with the difficulty in this seemingly simple task. I have been practicing yoga & meditation since the mid 70’s so some of those initial obstacles to the task have become somewhat easier.

Putting these thoughts into three simple categories was also not quite as simple as it seems. The first thing I discovered was that I had to ‘think’ about it. Many of my thoughts seemed to span across all three categories and could fit into any one of them depending on the time of day, time of year, or present day circumstances of my life. Consider the thought, “I am hungry”. If that thought is accompanied by strong, uncomfortable sensations in my belly the thought might be quite painful. If the thought is occuring just as I drive by a wonderful restaurant, the thought would fit in the pleasure column. And, if the thought occurs in the middle of a yoga asana, neutral would be the proper categorization.

The purpose of this exercise is to bring further into the light of consciousness how our desire nature governs our minds and actions. The same thing applies to that part of ourselves that resists pain. Neutrality, the middle path, brings us closer to separating reality from illusion. Nearly all thoughts that fall into the pain/pleasure column take us away from the present moment into either the past or the future. When we are thinking about past/future our mind becomes disengaged from our body. The body is always here, now. The mind is the time traveler and when it’s not here, now, is when suffering occurs. (according to G. Buddah)

The yogi’s have their own way of teaching these same truths. The Klesha’s represent the obstacles to enlightenment and mirror the same obstacles set forth by the Buddhists. Essentially it all comes down to greed, aversion & delusion.

Whew…………..heady thoughts for a quiet Sunday morning. I just finished reading Breakfast with Buddah. A good read.


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mayan pyramid

I just finished reading Calleman’s book on the Mayan Calender.

Prior to that I finished Barbara Hand Clow’s book that she wrote to discuss Calleman’s book.

Daniel Pinchbeck’s book titled: 2012 adds a few different twists to the unfolding story.

According to some of these modern-day prophets & wizards, the Mayan’s really knew what they knew and their pyramids, writings, and most especially their calendars were amazing, physical testaments of their knowledge.

The Mayan Calendar is a  time-measurement tool that is tracking “spiritual” time……and their-in lies the dilemma. Our entire, planetary culture  has lost it’s ability to perceive’s what spiritual time’ is, with a few notable, exceptional, people.

But, don’t worry, be happy. We’ll understand soon. It’ll be right on time.  We’re now at the end of what they call, Day 5….a time of transitioning, a mid-point as such.

We can see the forks in the road, clearly. It is time to make conscious choices that improve the wellbeing of all beings………..or not.

Night 5 of the current ‘Underworld’ of the Mayans, begins this November and continues until Nov.2008  Day 6 begins Nov.08.

By Oct. 28, 2011 according to Calleman the Mayan Calendar ends.

What’s sooo interesting  to me about this is that the same time cycles appear in the calendars of the early Vedic Culture and they lived at least half a planet away from the Mayans. Similarities and synchronicities abound between the yogi’s and the mayans.

Whose calendar do you follow?


And more importantly;

Will Astrology be necessary after 2012?

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi…………………….

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book cover china study Wow. With so much discussion of body weight, dis-ease, and the endless, Relentless series of commercials for pharmaceuticals………….there’s just got to be an easier way to be healthy.

This is a really good read that is jam-packed with facts, stories, insights, and inspiration.

Check it out!

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