FAQ’S or Beyond Words

Svadaya (self-study) is our primary purpose.

 Beyond Words 

How we communicate with ourselves, others, and the world at-large is up for review these days thanks to some unique astrological transits.    These workshops will provide you with an opportunity to look at your self thru the lens of communication.  The workshops are mostly experiential and if willing, some sharing. Our group intention opens the possibility for transformation, change, and acceptance for each of us. 

Each session stands alone and it is my hope/intention to continue until at least March, 2023.  Why then?  Join us this month to understand why this topic is so timely.

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BEYOND WORDS is a self-discovery program providing insight into one’s personal communication style.  Speaking, Writing, Listening, Hearing are just a small part of how we communicate.


In the Yogic paradigm, the 5th chakra (neck area), also includes what in ayurveda we call the organs of communication.   For those who are ‘looking for their voice’  Much more can be said about this.  However, if you have difficulty ‘speaking your truth’ (satya) this program might help.


Say what you mean.  Mean what you say.  And don’t say it mean. 


Establishing a safe & sacred environment for your discoveries. is essential.  

Fear not, we are not here to exercise our bodies. However, we will still include our bodies in ways that support you.

If you have any concerns please contact Ida.   


First carve out the time and let everyone know not to disturb you. Create a special space. Keep it simple.

Please be “present” for the class, which means paying attention and refraining from drinking or eating during class.  If you become distracted by something in your space please turn your screen off so as not to distract anyone else.

***Please bring a journal, or writing paper and pens/pencils/drawing supplies.

And then, show up….for yourself, for the others in the class, for the teacher, for peace in the world.


Practice implies not knowing, not finished. We are in learning mode. We are teachable. There are many ways to practice Yoga. The tree is wide and deeply rooted, and the enlightenment or peace you seek is available without ever having to do a posture. (asana) 

But, without some kind of practice, information stays in the mental field. It never gets to integrate with the body.  So, we remain stuck within old thinking habits/patterns/memories.  New information alone is not enough to effect meaningful change or growth.  That’s what yoga does best, enable one to integrate whatever is ‘new’ and use it towards wellness, if that is your ‘intention’.  It doesn’t matter which limb or methodology you do.  We experience yoga, not just study it. 

Here’s a partial list of some of the yogic practices we may do during Beyond Words.

  • Breathing techniques (Pranayama) to increase relaxation, decrease stress response and release fear of the unknown.
  • Meditation techniques to calm & quiet the mind promoting clear & focused thinking.
  • Gentle stretching & movement with live or recorded music.
  • Guided Yoga Nidra to release long held tensions in the body and create space for new attitudes.
  • Deep Listening to support emotional processes and improve relationships with others.
  • Sounds of Yoga: Techniques for overall well-being  (Toning, Mantra, Drumming, Humming, Chanting, Live Harp, Piano, etc.)
  • Mudras for accessing the subtle/causal body.


Satya is Sanskrit for truth. To speak our truth is a sacred right and a vital part of relating to others. To listen is equally sacred. Speaking and Listening without feedback, allows us to practice finding and using our voice,  however pleasant or unpleasant it might be.  Is it time to unmute?

Reading aloud what we write or sharing a personal story works both ways.  It helps us to ‘unmute’ and gives others the opportunity to listen without the need to comment or give any feedback.  

Social Media sharing is a different thing altogether.

What we practice during a sharing time is what I call deep listening.  Our methods of communicating have undergone radical change in recent times. This only adds to the challenge of speaking truth.


Reading lists and other handouts may be provided.  Please consider all of the written materials to be copyrighted and only use them for your own practice.


Suggested Payment: $108 for 3 sessions. Single session: $45 Gift Certificates & Karma Yoga available We are on the 'honor' system here. There's no automatic payment plan and a sliding scale is applicable if you need it. Recordings (if available) & Resource links are for those who have submitted payment All payments are nonrefundable, nontransferable, and reported as income. Click on the buttons below for registration & payment. Feel free to contact Ida with any questions. ida@ifcullen.com