Beyond Words…… more about

What do you need to say?  What do you want to say? 

What prevents you from expressing your self using words?  

Do you tell yourself the truth? How about with others? 

Do you have difficulty communicating? Verbal?  Written?  Non-Verbal? 

Are you heard, listened to, understood?


About 4 years into my real estate career (1988) I was given the opportunity to develop an in-house training program. It was for brand new agents and experienced others that were joining this highly successful, 4-office, high-end, woman-owned company.  Along with a few others we put together a program and delivered it within a few months.  I got to choose which modules I would teach and assigned the rest to fellow trainers. Prior to that I had had no experience teaching or training anyone, anywhere. But, over the course of the next 10 years I trained 100’s of people across multiple states. The three modules I set out to research, develop, train with, and understand as much as possible were:  Communication Skills, Stress/Time Management, and Creating a (fill in the blank)(Vision/Life/Business Plan)   I learned alot during the research period, which continues to this day 1988-2022.   People continue to thank me for what they learned in  my classes.  I am indebted to them for their words and support kept me on the right path.

I came to understand that good communications skills are #1 priority for everyone.  Living where different languages are spoken, where the same language can have a different accent, when voices can be anywhere from soft whispers to loud shouting, it makes it challenging to communicate clearly.  And all of that ‘confusion’ happens way before our brain begins to comprehend the words, themselves.  These days…………………….

So,  it takes practice and persistence.  It’s hard to change unconscious patterns in how exchange information. There’s always more to learn.

While I was training to be a trainer I learned that adult learners, of anything, were best taught ‘experientially’.   I found that to be quite true.  Although I have had limited time spent teaching/training children, other than my own.  I suppose that’s where the ‘memoir’ my begin?

When it comes to experiential learning of all things: “communication” the choices were limited.  Of course learning a new language always counts, but what is a ‘language’?  Greek, Roman, Sanskrit, Computer Language(s), Astrology has it’s own language….etc….    Between the NLP Course I attended in Princeton and what was happening to me on the yoga mat, I experienced a priceless education in ‘communication’ that I couldn’t have learned any other way.

With an empty nest and the 21st century dawning, I detoured from the business world and followed my bliss towards participating full time within a yoga community that respected and valued the parts of me that went unappreciated.  I spent 20+ yrs commuting to Lenox, MA and learned a whole different way to be me.

Yoga philosophy begins with the guidelines set down in the Yama’s (Restraints) & Niyamas (Observances), common sense behaviors for peaceful living.  The first Yama that everyone learns is AHIMSA, loosely translated as non-violence.  Most understand this restraint as physical.  Thou shall not kill, etc.  Many point to it a the reason for their food choices.  However, another place to look for where we observe violence vs non-violence is in our communications.  Let’s remember to practice AHIMSA during our time together.

Another Yama is SATYA  Truthfulness.

As you can surmise, there is much to explore with regards to our communications.

Lastly, I’m framing this program around the current transit of Mars in Gemini.  I began to explain in this blog post.

It might be little technical if you don’t understand Astrologese…but be patient, take what you like and leave the rest.

… be continued