Beyond Words…… more about

What do you need to say?  What do you want to say? 

What prevents you from expressing your self using words?  

Do you tell yourself the truth? How about with others? 

Do you have difficulty communicating? Verbal?  Written?  Non-Verbal? 

Are you heard, listened to, understood?


About 4 years into my real estate career (1988) I was given the opportunity to develop an in-house training program for new agents joining our highly successful, 4-office, high-end, woman-owned company.   Prior to that I had had no experience teaching or training anyone. Over the course of the next 10 years I trained 100’s of people some of whom continue to thank me for what they learned went beyond the scope of real estate sales.

I came to understand that good communications skills are #1 priority for everyone,  but it takes practice.  It’s hard to change unconscious patterns in how exchange information. There’s always more to learn.

I also learned that anything taught ‘experientially’ worked best with adult learners.  I found that to be quite true.

At the same time, I was  driving to Princeton to participate in a course of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).  Teaching and Learning at the same time was a priceless education in ‘communication’.

Later after I detoured  from the business world and followed my bliss  onto a yoga mat  ‘good communication’ & experiential learning was taught to me using the methodologies that were passed down within the yoga community I was training in. (Just want to give a tag/nod to my Scorpio Brother from Kripalu Ken Nelson here.)

Yoga education includes the guidelines set down in the Yama’s (Restraints) & Niyamas (Observances), common sense behaviors for peaceful living.  The first Yama that everyone learns is AHIMSA, loosely translated as non-violence.  Most understand this restraint as physical.  Thou shall not kill, etc.  Many point to it a the reason for their food choices.  However, another place to look for where we observe violence vs non-violence is in our communications.

Following Ahimsa, is Satya.  Truthfulness.

As you can surmise, there is much to explore with regards to our communications.

Also, the reason for why this program now lies in the movement of the planets.  I’ve begun to explain in this blog post.