Astrological Consultations

Ida Cullen has been offering professional astrological services since the mid-’80’s and continues to love this work.   Individual consultations can provide personalized information you are not likely to hear anywhere else. Details as to when, where and who are easily available.  Charts can be cast for: individuals, a business, an organization, a commercial venture, and more. Astrological interpretations are limited only by the skill and knowledge of the astrologer. They all work with the same data.

A consultation can cover many topics.  It depends upon your intention, the type of information you are seeking, and the availability of precise data in the form of dates/exact times/places.  Ida is proficient in reading western charts, vedic charts, local-space and astro-carto-graphy maps. Frequently a session will contain elements of all of these techniques.  However, to make it easier for you to create a clearer intention for your time here are specific charts which give you a glimpse what is possible.

THE NATAL CHART describes the life path, your individual strengths, weaknesses, potentials, and purpose. From this original chart, subsidiary charts can be calculated to forecast trends for the future. Information regarding timing, direction, stressful & stress free periods are readily available. Additional information is revealed regarding career, health, relationships, money, and spiritual direction. All time periods can be analyzed: past present or future. I like to think of the natal chart as an “Owners Manual”.  As long as you have an accurate time/location of birth a chart can be cast.

Follow-up Sessions are important and recommended at least once a year.  The following techniques add to the forecasting: Solar Return, Secondary Progressions, Solar Directed, Transits, 360 Degree Dial, 90 Degree Dial,  Astrocartography, Local Space, Eclipse Charts.

UNDERSTANDING RELATIONSHIPS and interactions with others be they spouses, children, friends, lovers, employees & authority figures is a benefit of knowing your natal tendencies. Strengths & weaknesses within specific relationships can be described as well as time periods as to when those relationships will be under stress. It is also possible to determine  information regarding past life relationships from the charts. This can be particularly helpful when choosing partners (business/marital/legal), or determining who to live and/or work with.

Groups of people can be looked at as 1 unit. It is quite enlightening to see the connections that exist with families or any other type of group you can think of. It’s pretty hard to ‘make this stuff up’!

Astrology reveals  connections that are not readily apparent as well as unconscious behavior patterns. 

It is important when discussing relationships that I mention professional ethics. Although I can accurately describe you to you, the interactions between you and another person have everything to do with that person’s horoscope as well.  Although I will not divulge ‘personal’ information of someone else to you, sometimes it’s really helpful to see the chart of the ‘other’. If I have that other person’s permission to disclose, then there are no limitations on our conversation.  Each chart reading is held in confidence and professional boundaries are maintained at all times. That said, parents of small children are encouraged to get a reading on their kids in order to best guide them in developing a child’s talents, skills, strengths & weaknesses.  Very helpful.

LOCATIONAL ASTROLOGY is a helpful technique when choosing a place to live, work, study, invest, visit or vacation. Certain areas of the state (country, world) hold different kinds of ‘energy’ for each individual. Your natal chart holds the key to where in the world you can experience ‘good fortune’, to use a Chinese phrase.  Astro-Carto-Graphy and Local Space charts act like a  personal compass telling you where you are most likely to experience fulfillment of your needs/desires. The charts can also be placed on a map or inside one’s home.  Using Feng Shui (Vaastu Shastra) good fortune is insured.  Please read some of my postings/articles on Feng Shui to learn how powerful these practices can be.  (With today’s technology,  feng shui consultations on zoom are a real opportunity!).  Questions?  Call/Text 732 531 9013.

TimeScaping© is a  time management plan especially for you.  Astrology works both on the macro and the micro level.  Some cycles are 24 hours, others 240 years.  If you have too much to do and too little time this may be the information that can change your life. Perception is everything. Based on the motion of the lunar cycle, TimeScaping helps one to ‘go with the flow’ of natural rhythms thereby decreasing all the stressors related to time. When we re-member how to live by natural time (as opposed to clock/calendar time) life becomes much easier and we always seem to be in the right place at the right time.  My e-book on this topic is nearly ready for publication.

AstroCoaching is available and can be especially valuable if one is moving through an extended difficult time or needing support for an intentional change.  An annual session primarily focuses on the big picture and the slower moving planets in the chart.  However, it’s  the movements of the inner planets that create the daily actions, responses, moods, and everyday choices that we all experience.  Some times we need help getting through a day.  AstroCoaching is a set series (6 minimum) of prearranged 30 minute conversations  (1x per week maximum) keeping you up to the minute with with the current movements of the inner planets.  Incredibly helpful in establishing and maintaining self-care with a stressless time management plan.

Personal Yoga Therapy.  For those who are interested, yoga therapy can be a primary or complementary practice to embody the most positive expression of your  astrological profile.  Also, addressing ones karma, dharma, and spiritual path are important topics in the Vedic curriculum. Personal Yoga therapy can help you integrate your beliefs with beneficial practices for your body.  The chart is the key.    For more information on yoga therapy go here.

Inquire Within©   An intensive course of study combining astrology & yoga therapy.  Delivered as: Trainings, Immersions, Intensives, Retreats, Workshops, Lectures, and Personal Programming.  More here.

 Consultations can be held in person or on Zoom.   Recordings are available and permitted.  References available upon request.