A daily dose of doodling…..

On Jan 2, 2014 I set into motion my new year’s resolution to “draw something” everyday.

That same afternoon, I sat with my 6-year old granddaughter and together we drew pictures, or doodles, or whatever we wanted to do. I explained to her that I was going to draw a picture in this ‘book’ everyday. Recently when we visited in June, she asked to see my ‘book’ and was delighted to see I had continued what we had started together.  In looking thru my sketchbook it’s stunning to see what happened from late May thru June!  You don’t need to be an art therapist to see that something interrupted my ‘usual’ flow.


The underlying intention for me with this practice was to let go of any ideas of good drawing, bad drawing, and just try to let something come through that wasn’t………………………words. You see, I don’t draw. I write. I play music. I have other creative talents, but I have never really focused on drawing/painting etc. Except maybe when I had to take a couple of architectural drafting classes in college. I loved that kind of drawing. The ruler, the compass, the straight edge, and all those wonderfully sharp pencils & fine point pens, all were tools of delight.

Today, I am completely obsessed with my drawing practice. It’s the most pleasant, calming thing I do, excluding of course yoga, music practice, and playing with my cats. (who was it that said if your work is your passion then you never really ‘work’ a day in your life. ?)

I’m carefully watching my process and my progress with rapt attention ribbondoodlecropped I continue to practice what I surprisingly learned during May, 2014, and that is a ‘new’ found drawing/meditation technique known as Zentangling. ( I thought I was onto something ‘new’ myself, having come to the website quite by accident.) Anyway, I’m onto my second sketchbook, in record time,  and recommitting to my new years resolution of a drawing a day, or as it’s looking right now, ” A Doodle A Day” !

One of life’s synchronicities showed up when I recently opened Kripalu’s Fall catalogue. Right there in the first few pages on the upper right corner was an ad for the upcoming weekend with the founders of Zentangle at Kripalu! Life gets tangled up, you know and there’s more to this story than I care to write about right now.

But, it is revealing and interesting to look back at all the pictures since January and see the (artistic) representations that have developed. It’s easy to see. It’s visual.



..to be continued.