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monkey For years now I have been opening yoga class with a “check-in”. It’s an opportunity for those who choose, to speak without fear of feedback. It can be a difficult practice and not everyone participates, nor does everyone understand the benefits or meaning of the practice.

I will be turning over my yoga classes to my assistants when I travel later this month. We’ve been having ‘training’ sessions to cover as much as we can before I leave. “Holding the space” for a deep-listening practice can be extremely challenging. And, yet, I want the studio to remain constant and safe for those who attend in my absence.

Over the years of working with deep listening techniques, conscious communication, and silence I have learned a lot. It’s my intention to get it all down in the manual I’m writing for yoga teachers/therapists.

For today, I’d like to call your attention to some words that are best eliminated from your everyday dialogue. They are powerless and ineffective. Nothing of importance gets communicated if these words are in your sentences. And, for now, you’ll just have to take my word for it and do your own research. Let me know what you find. Here’s the list.







NOT (or any word that has a n’t attached to it)

It’s a short list. However, if you begin to really listen to yourself you will probably find it quite difficult to eliminate these words.

The moon’s in Gemini today….the impulse to connect thru language presents itself. The mental field is active and the communication channels are active.

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Svadaya (self-study) is our primary purpose.

 Beyond Words 

How we communicate with ourselves, others, and the world at-large is up for review these days thanks to some unique astrological transits.    These workshops will provide you with an opportunity to look at your self thru the lens of communication.  The workshops are mostly experiential and if willing, some sharing. Our group intention opens the possibility for transformation, change, and acceptance for each of us. 

Each session stands alone and it is my hope/intention to continue until at least March, 2023.  Why then?  Join us this month to understand why this topic is so timely.

Random Blog Posts on Communication



BEYOND WORDS is a self-discovery program providing insight into one's personal communication style.  Speaking, Writing, Listening, Hearing are just a small part of how we communicate.


In the Yogic paradigm, the 5th chakra (neck area), also includes what in ayurveda we call the organs of communication.   For those who are 'looking for their voice'  Much more can be said about this.  However, if you have difficulty 'speaking your truth' (satya) this program might help.


Say what you mean.  Mean what you say.  And don't say it mean. 


Establishing a safe & sacred environment for your discoveries. is essential.  

Fear not, we are not here to exercise our bodies. However, we will still include our bodies in ways that support you.

If you have any concerns please contact Ida.   

First carve out the time and let everyone know not to disturb you. Create a special space. Keep it simple.

Please be "present" for the class, which means paying attention and refraining from drinking or eating during class.  If you become distracted by something in your space please turn your screen off so as not to distract anyone else.

***Please bring a journal, or writing paper and pens/pencils/drawing supplies.

And then, show up....for yourself, for the others in the class, for the teacher, for peace in the world.

Practice implies not knowing, not finished. We are in learning mode. We are teachable. There are many ways to practice Yoga. The tree is wide and deeply rooted, and the enlightenment or peace you seek is available without ever having to do a posture. (asana) 

But, without some kind of practice, information stays in the mental field. It never gets to integrate with the body.  So, we remain stuck within old thinking habits/patterns/memories.  New information alone is not enough to effect meaningful change or growth.  That's what yoga does best, enable one to integrate whatever is 'new' and use it towards wellness, if that is your 'intention'.  It doesn't matter which limb or methodology you do.  We experience yoga, not just study it. 

Here’s a partial list of some of the yogic practices we may do during Beyond Words.

  • Breathing techniques (Pranayama) to increase relaxation, decrease stress response and release fear of the unknown.
  • Meditation techniques to calm & quiet the mind promoting clear & focused thinking.
  • Gentle stretching & movement with live or recorded music.
  • Guided Yoga Nidra to release long held tensions in the body and create space for new attitudes.
  • Deep Listening to support emotional processes and improve relationships with others.
  • Sounds of Yoga: Techniques for overall well-being  (Toning, Mantra, Drumming, Humming, Chanting, Live Harp, Piano, etc.)
  • Mudras for accessing the subtle/causal body.

Satya is Sanskrit for truth. To speak our truth is a sacred right and a vital part of relating to others. To listen is equally sacred. Speaking and Listening without feedback, allows us to practice finding and using our voice,  however pleasant or unpleasant it might be.  Is it time to unmute?

Reading aloud what we write or sharing a personal story works both ways.  It helps us to 'unmute' and gives others the opportunity to listen without the need to comment or give any feedback.  

Social Media sharing is a different thing altogether.

What we practice during a sharing time is what I call deep listening.  Our methods of communicating have undergone radical change in recent times. This only adds to the challenge of speaking truth.

Reading lists and other handouts may be provided.  Please consider all of the written materials to be copyrighted and only use them for your own practice.


Suggested Payment: $108 for 3 sessions. Single session: $45 Gift Certificates & Karma Yoga available We are on the 'honor' system here. There's no automatic payment plan and a sliding scale is applicable if you need it. Recordings (if available) & Resource links are for those who have submitted payment All payments are nonrefundable, nontransferable, and reported as income. Click on the buttons below for registration & payment. Feel free to contact Ida with any questions. ida@ifcullen.com

What do you need to say?  What do you want to say? 

What prevents you from expressing your self using words?  

Do you tell yourself the truth? How about with others? 

Do you have difficulty communicating? Verbal?  Written?  Non-Verbal? 

Are you heard, listened to, understood?


About 4 years into my real estate career (1988) I was given the opportunity to develop an in-house training program. It was for brand new agents and experienced others that were joining this highly successful, 4-office, high-end, woman-owned company.  Along with a few others we put together a program and delivered it within a few months.  I got to choose which modules I would teach and assigned the rest to fellow trainers. Prior to that I had had no experience teaching or training anyone, anywhere. But, over the course of the next 10 years I trained 100’s of people across multiple states. The three modules I set out to research, develop, train with, and understand as much as possible were:  Communication Skills, Stress/Time Management, and Creating a (fill in the blank)(Vision/Life/Business Plan)   I learned alot during the research period, which continues to this day 1988-2022.   People continue to thank me for what they learned in  my classes.  I am indebted to them for their words and support kept me on the right path.

I came to understand that good communications skills are #1 priority for everyone.  Living where different languages are spoken, where the same language can have a different accent, when voices can be anywhere from soft whispers to loud shouting, it makes it challenging to communicate clearly.  And all of that ‘confusion’ happens way before our brain begins to comprehend the words, themselves.  These days…………………….

So,  it takes practice and persistence.  It’s hard to change unconscious patterns in how exchange information. There’s always more to learn.

While I was training to be a trainer I learned that adult learners, of anything, were best taught ‘experientially’.   I found that to be quite true.  Although I have had limited time spent teaching/training children, other than my own.  I suppose that’s where the ‘memoir’ my begin?

When it comes to experiential learning of all things: “communication” the choices were limited.  Of course learning a new language always counts, but what is a ‘language’?  Greek, Roman, Sanskrit, Computer Language(s), Astrology has it’s own language….etc….    Between the NLP Course I attended in Princeton and what was happening to me on the yoga mat, I experienced a priceless education in ‘communication’ that I couldn’t have learned any other way.

With an empty nest and the 21st century dawning, I detoured from the business world and followed my bliss towards participating full time within a yoga community that respected and valued the parts of me that went unappreciated.  I spent 20+ yrs commuting to Lenox, MA and learned a whole different way to be me.

Yoga philosophy begins with the guidelines set down in the Yama’s (Restraints) & Niyamas (Observances), common sense behaviors for peaceful living.  The first Yama that everyone learns is AHIMSA, loosely translated as non-violence.  Most understand this restraint as physical.  Thou shall not kill, etc.  Many point to it a the reason for their food choices.  However, another place to look for where we observe violence vs non-violence is in our communications.  Let’s remember to practice AHIMSA during our time together.

Another Yama is SATYA  Truthfulness.

As you can surmise, there is much to explore with regards to our communications.

Lastly, I’m framing this program around the current transit of Mars in Gemini.  I began to explain in this blog post.

It might be little technical if you don’t understand Astrologese…but be patient, take what you like and leave the rest.

…..to be continued



You might want to read this first.….?

A week ago the moon passed thru the Aries portion of the zodiac where she tackled the complications that arise from Jupiter, Chiron, Mars, and Eris in Aries as well.    She’s calmer now in Taurus.

But!  Mars is pretty fiery & hot and so close now to Eris that I fear we’re about to see a lot of firewords until July 6 when Mars, having exhausted himself, as is his nature, rests for a bit in Taurus.  Mars customarily spends about 6 weeks in a zodiac sign.  That’s the normal rhythm of the universe for him.  However, because of retrograde motion Mars will be in Gemini for  (August 21, 2022 – March 26, 2023)  SEVEN MONTHS!  OMG!    FYI   (This is important for those of us who will participate in Beyond Words

For now, remember to take note of what’s happening  in your life around August 21, when Mars crawls from Taurus into Gemini.   Mars will return nearly to this point in time  during his backward motion of this seven-month (yipes!!) retrograde journey.   Mars rules Scorpio as well as Aries, so both those sun sign will feel the slow down motion most, perhaps?    The retrograde period begins late October and lasts until Jan, 2023.  That’s 2 solid months of backward motion in Gemini.  It isn’t until Spring, 2023 before he reaches the 26th degree from where the Rx began.

Eris & Mars form a conjunction on June 27 at 24 degrees of Aries.  The God of War meets The Goddess of War in Aries.  Volumes will be written of the events that will continue until at least 2025.

more later……………   much to discuss, ponder, and contemplate..

stay safe………..

Om Nimah Shivaya…..shanti, shanti, shantihi

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Time & Space Consulting will also provide articles for newsletters, magazines, online journals, etc. upon request.

 Specialties include:  stress management, time management, verbal & non-verbal communications, and creating a life-plan.

Each session/program is custom designed for your group. Being fully aware of the moment insists that I be present and ready to present whatever is most needed at the time of delivery.  5 decades of experience have enabled me to do that well.

Personal Development  is just that…personal.  And, it’s been my experience that if we continue to develop ourselves then everything around us develops as well.  Careers expand, relationships improve, feelings of abundance and wellness increase and delightful surprises multiply.  Personal development, for me, is a deep dive using astrology, yoga therapy, meditation & other methodologies to assist the client’s inquiry.  Read more here & here.

The approach is spiritual, the focus is on radical acceptance, and the results are amazing.  Custom programming is also available for your family or other group.

Contact Ida to see what’s possible.

In addition to individual consultations, classes & workshops I am also able to provide a full complement of Computer-Generated Reports & Interpretations.  These include:  Natal, Progressed, Returns, Directions, Synastry, and more. 

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Need to get away but a ‘retreat center’ is out of the question?  Looking for an experienced, professionally certified teacher/therapist to provide a ‘program’?


1-DAY Personal Retreats with Accommodations. 

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Also Available:    Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings (CEC credits) 


Collaboration is welcome! Contact Ida on ways to work together.  Her experience,  presentation and consulting skills have been welcomed and appreciated by: psychotherapists, lawyers, doctors, realtors, athletes, CEO’s, dancers, artists, musicians, retail business owners, restaurateurs, studio owners, wellness centers, hospitals, schools, community centers, and spiritual centers of all traditions.



FALL, 2022

Every Tuesday & Thursday, 10 – 11:30 am,   All welcome.  Online Only  No Class November 24.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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Yoga Therapy can be offered in a variety of ways to those who do not wish to attend a class.   Sessions can be held in my private studio or in your location.    Go here for more.

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The Salon for Astrological Discourse meets every few months or so to discuss current topics from the astrological perspective.  All welcome.   Are you on the mailing list?


NOV 18, 2022   3-5PM EST

“When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ” ~Dane Rudyhar

Disclaimer: An astrology reading is not a substitute for a consultation with a financial advisor, medical expert or psychiatrist.  By booking a reading, the client acknowledges this and accepts full responsibility for the interpretation of any information received and for any subsequent decisions.  Regarding all communications or forecasts, whether provided verbally or  in writing, in private consultation or public venue: I do not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information and I am not responsible for any errors or omissions. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. All transactions in the financial markets or commodities are risky. Any liability for losses or damages is excluded .The astrologer reserves the right to choose whether or not to accept a client.

The Salon for Astrological Discourse

“Reading makes a full man, meditation a profound man, discourse a clear man.”   ~Benjamin Franklin


I love the format of a salon to discuss the astrology of our times. Studying astrology balances the brain because it requires one to be both logical & intuitive. Those who are curious and have an open yet discriminating mind will come to appreciate the approach astrology provides.

Experienced teachers are important. Not because they know it all. But, more because, the subtleties can only be learned by dialogue, discourse, and debate.  Discussions are invaluable to one’s learning.  That said, the greatest teacher of all is your own life experience.

ALL WELCOME regardless of: knowledge/viewpoint/belief system/opinion.  The only ‘rule’ is that you practice kindness in your communications.   Differing viewpoints are encouraged.

Feel free to contact me regarding personal astrological consultations/lessons/lectures/workshops at:  ida@ifcullen.com



Circa 1983

I was bored. I had finally completed my BA degree after driving up and down the NJ Parkway to Kean U. for seven years. Now, it was summer and I actually had a hard time adjusting to the rhythm of “no-school” and I realized that I needed intellectual stimulation to keep me feeling balanced. I was juggling an impossible schedule with a husband, two kids, aging parents, and rising costs.  So when a friend suggested that I take a real estate licensing course I gave it some thought. My long term plan was to return to college someday and hopefully achieve a Masters, and maybe even a PhD. My husband was not quite supportive of that idea but really liked the real estate idea. No doubt he was looking at the economic possibilities. So I went to real estate school.

In 1984 the real estate market was HOT!! After a 6-week course followed by a state test, I sold three houses my first week in the business and got hooked on success and didn’t look back for many years.  After twenty years I retired from active sales, listing, management and training to fulfill another dream that had been put “on hold”.  There are many stories to tell about real estate and me and I know there’s an audience for the experience, strength, and wisdom gained from my career in real estate.  Real Estate taught me just about everything I needed to know in life………………..to be continued.


Available for training/workshops/retreats/personal consultations/lectures/keynotes/coaching.  I’d love to hear from you.


1984 – 2015 NJ Licensed Real Estate Broker*

Experienced in Sales, Training & Development,

Management, & Administration

  • Conceived, organized and delivered statewide training modules in Communication Skills, Time Management, Creating a Business Plan, Feng Shui, and Stress Management 1989-1999
  • Managed office of 20 agents   (Landmark Agency, Prudential Realty 1992)
  • Member of MCAR Public Relations & Educational Committees
  • Multi-Million-Dollar Sales Club Awards (1985,1986, Monmouth County, NJ)
  • Assistant to the President (GNR 1993, 1997) 9 offices thruout NJ. Duties included: speechwriting, training, public relations, marketing & sales.
  • Annual Convention Speaker – North Carolina Board of Realtors 2000 & 2001
  • Speaker/Presenter   Monmouth County Assoc. Realtors &  South Monmouth Assoc.   Feng Shui for Realtors.


* broker license currently with Genora & Co. Realtors, Asbury Park, NJ

Recently I read somewhere, that it takes 10, 000 hours of  consistent & persistent study to achieve Mastery over the subject at hand.  The author of these remarks meant it quite literally, and meant for us all to add up the hours spent in serious study, and practice.  If you are fortunate enough to attend a school of formal learning, they will do the math for you and assign you some letters  to add after your name. This may make living in this new-normal world easier, or not.  Time will tell.

The first book I was assigned to read when I began my yoga teacher training in 1998, was titled  Mastery by George Leonard, and for me, the bookworm,  it was a surprising and disappointing assignment.  I was burning to dig into ancient indian texts on how to achieve enlightenment and change my life, and stuff like that.  Mastery was small stuff.  I am grateful that my thinking has evolved since I achieved my 10,000 hours.

With Saturn in Virgo residing in my third house, natally, I’ve always been quite picky about  subject matters regarding intelligence, mental health, communications, education, and siblings.  You will find me quite firm in my opinions regardless of how quickly said opinions change.  And, change again.  Mutable signs are like that.

Then there are the ten thousand sorrows and ten thousand joys that the Asian Buddhists write of.   Why 10,000?  Why not 11, 001?

I had a major spiritual awakening during a vedic math class once.  I’ve never forgotten that moment and it has been a source of delight in my memory cells ever since.  Numbers are a deep source of symbolic information, yes?

Wikipedia informs me that there is a 10,000 year clock , conceived in 1986 and currently being built by a group of new-normal-wizkids including  Jeff Bezos , of Amazon, who donated 42 million towards this project!  It’s called The Clock of the Long Now.

How appropriate.

But why, 10,000 years?  Why not 11,001?

Other details to consider:

  • 10,000 years = 864,000 ,000 seconds
  • 14,400, 000 minutes
  • 240,000 hours
  • 1428 weeks (rounded down)

Then, sadly, of course,  there is that ever vigilant, awake & ready army of 10,000 , which has been mythologized, dramatized, and institutionalized  since 400 BC.

But the most recent incident of 10,000, the inspiration for this blog post, came in the mail from Amazon.com.  It’s my new pedometer!  It counts my steps. According to the new-normal-thinking of 2014, we need to take 10,000 steps a day if we want to lose weight, 6, 000 steps to maintain one’s fitness, etc. etc., and blah, blah, blah.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


And, last,  just for fun : 10,000 Maniacs.

May you live for 10,000 years.  Om shanti, shanti, shantihi.

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