Before I knew what I was doing, I found myself signing a lease for a space on main street, usa.  I only had a limited, partial view of the Next Step forward and yet, I was filled with joyful anticipation for the adventure to come.

Soon after moving into my ‘space’ in the world, I had the opportunity to come into the presence of a beloved guru of astrology from India.  My introduction to him was quite a surprise.  I was not looking for a guru at the time. And, I’m not saying that he is my Guru now, either.  The language of vedic astrology uses the word guru to represent the planet Jupiter as Teacher, Guide, or Enlightened Being. Anyway, I felt something quite unexperienced in my being while he was describing my astrological essence to me.  I also recognized an expansion in my buddhi-mind with regards to astrological knowledge.  It’s very hard to describe in words what exactly happened.   Regardless.  When I asked him to consider my ‘new space’ that I had just contracted, he was very quick to bless it totally and encouraged me in my endeavor.

It’s 2014 now and The Sanctuary is still in business, even though my work has begun to take me across the country.   Who knows what comes next and who among us can control world and personal events.  The wheel turns, and  Saturn, the time-warden relentlessly appears in our lives whether invited, or not.  The Guru showed up in my life again in 2012 and continued to bless us at The Sanctuary.  In 2012, he told me to write a book, learn Hindi, and find a partner.

Om shanti.