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I am always doing things I can’t do, that’s how I get to do them.  ~~Pablo Picasso

the back story…….circa april, 1989   Time and Space Consulting came to be during a time of a serious whole-life re-alignment .  I needed/wanted/yearned for and hunted down whatever could help me thru those difficult years.  I spent months of deliberation and meditation just to create a name that I felt comfortable working under. Creating this business identity helped me to re-create my shattered life.  Today, I suppose it’s called ‘branding’.

 Under the umbrella of Time & Space I focused on  ancient wisdom traditions and their respective healing tools and techniques.  My specialty in 1989 was the application of astrology and feng shui towards achieving professional and personal goals.   20+ years experience in and about the Real Estate industry, locally, statewide & nationally became a fabulous training ground for all that I was learning.

Between 1989-1999 Time & Space experienced a major growth spurt.   Much had changed and I was ready to quit the ‘day-job/career’ and devote all of my working time/energy towards Time & Space Consulting.  What had been my avocation became my vocation. Today I remain grateful & excited to have made that decision.

Finding right livelihood, our soul’s purpose, and inner fulfillment along with financial & economic well-being takes time.  Recognizing that personal development is professional development takes time too.  Time & Space Consulting, required me to be my primary client.

While Time & Space Consulting was finding it’s niche, my personal yoga practice expanded as well.  I realized that Time & Space Consulting was missing a ‘body’ component so I signed for a yoga therapist training with Joseph LaPage of Integrative Yoga Therapy……………..and that changed everything…………………….again.

Ancient Wisdom is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago.  Perhaps, even more so?  Integrating that knowledge with today’s technology requires attention, patience, and curiosity. Time & Space Consulting is equipped to help individuals, groups, & organizations with personal, professional, and spiritual development

Today, as I write this I feel like my work in the world has grown-up and I am grateful to have had such a positive effect on so many people.   Please feel free to contact me to learn how Time and Space Consulting can help you or your group.

Ida Cullen


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