The Sanctuary


Backstory………….April, 2002.   Before I knew what I was doing, I found myself signing a lease for a space on main street, usa. I only had a limited, partial view of the Next Step forward and yet, I was filled with joyful anticipation for the adventure to come.

 Soon after moving into my ‘space’ in the world, I had the opportunity to meet a beloved ‘guru’ of astrology from India.  My introduction to him was quite a surprise. In the language of vedic astrology guru  is Sanskrit for  Jupiter, symbolizing one who is a  Teacher, Guide, or Enlightened Being.  Anyway, I felt something curious inside my head while he was describing me to me, astrologically.  I almost felt like my mind was physically expanding in real time.  There was also a profound sense of peace, contentment and validation as I listened to his wise astrological counseling.  When I asked him to consider the  ‘new space’ that I had just leased he was very quick to bless it totally and encouraged me in my endeavor.

In 2021 I gave up the lease and the brick & mortar Sanctuary closed.   Classes/Workshops/Personal Sessions have been available ONLINE since 2019.