Time & Space Consulting…..


the back story…….circa april, 1989

Time and Space Consulting was born during a time of great struggle in my life.  I was in my mid-life crisis/transition and looking for anything and everything that could support me thru difficult times.  Creating this business identity seemed to help me feel better about my day-job.  And so it goes. I used astrological techniques for all of the most important decisions.  So, far it’s worked out.

Between 1999-2002 Time & Space experienced it’s first major growth spurt. During that time I quit the ‘day-job/career’ and decided to devote all of my working time/energy to time & space consulting, what had been my avocation became my vocation. Today I am very grateful & excited to have made that decision.

Finding right livelihood, our soul’s purpose, and inner fulfillment along with financial & economic well-being takes time to develop. Having an entrepreneurial skill-set helps. If you’re going to be self-employed, it’s part of the job to invest in personal development.
In developing Time & Space Consulting, I had to develop myself, both personally & professionally.

This website represents my path, and the tools and techniques i’ve picked up along the way. I went online in 2004 with the help of April Eliot Kent. It was a life-changing experience to know that Time & Space Consulting was now global.

Today, July 17, 2014 I sit here pondering the next change for Time & Space Consulting.  Life is very different now and what was in my mind in 1989 may or may not be relevant anymore.  Who was it that said, “Question, everything.”?

It is time to grow, again, and hopefully this redesigned website reflects that. I had a little help putting this together but I’m  doing my own web maintenance in addition to writing the content and uploading personal photographs et. al.   I feel like my work in the world has grown-up and I am grateful to have had such a positive effect on so many people.   Please feel free to contact me to learn how Time and Space Consulting can help you or your group.

Ida Cullen



  • Individual Consultations/Family Consultations/Small Group
  • Workshops/Seminars/Lectures/Classes
  • Weekend/5-10 day Training Programs
  • Retreats
  • Small Business/Management Consulting
  • Speaker/Trainer/Teacher/Coach/Mentor/Tutor
  • Keynotes

Time & Space Consulting will also provide articles for newsletters, magazines, online journals, etc. upon request.

At present all programs are created, delivered and facilitated by Ida Cullen, Founder.

Collaboration is welcome! Contact Ida on ways to work together.  Her experience,  presentation and consulting skills have been welcomed and appreciated by: psychotherapists, lawyers, doctors, realtors, athletes, CEO’s, dancers, artists, musicians, retail business owners, restaurateurs, studio owners, wellness centers, hospitals, schools, community centers, and spiritual centers of all traditions.