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Who's Who?

They’ve been in the news alot lately, getting analyzed every which way.  So, I got curious and gathered together their birth info to create this who’s who on the Supreme Court in Dec.2022.  Can you figure out who’s who?  It’s a fun little exercise if learning astrology.  Each of these charts was calculated only from mo/dd/yr of birth.  No time or location was used.  I’ve place the SUN on the Horizon, since it’s pretty easy to assume that their ego’s are prominent.  More will be revealed.

There’s so much data/information in just this small slice of judicial role models it boggles the mind.  Still, it’s a good place to begin a conversation…..

It’s my intention to write an article with which to compare my discoveries with others pursuing the same perspective.  Of course, we still have to look at the chart for the USA to get some context.   They don’t call them “birth pains” for nothing. 

Ancient Wisdom Astrology

I found this passage recently…  it’s part of the conversation between Krishna & Arjuna.  Gazillions of words have been spoken and written and debated and turned into graphic novels to re-tell the story of the Bhagavad Gita.

The Matsya Vedh  (Piercing-Eye) competition is one of a few different archery competitions that Arjuna had engaged in to achieve his dharma.   Shooting at an eagle eye was another.

Hindu mythology has lots of stories that reference water/flooding and the value of the fish.  Both the seated spinal twist (matsyandrasana) and the ‘fish’ pose (matsyasana) ask us to be mindful of the water element in our bodies.

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Worn-Out Garments

A night before the day of Matsya Vedh (Piercing fish eye) competition, Krishna & Arjuna are conversing……..

Krishna says, “Arjuna, take care,

put your step forward

and concentrate on the eye of the fish”

Arjuna says, ” If I have to do everything, then what will you do?”

Krishna whispers softly, “What you can’t do, I will do”.

Arjuna asks, “And what is it that I can’t do?”

Krishna replies,

“I will keep the water steady…..”


Another Sri Yantra.  I always have to say to myself, “4 up and 5 down” because it’s so easy to line up the nine triangles in the wrong direction.

I’ve written about this ancient image before.  Check out these posts. 

back to the drawing board……………


Sri Yantra


You might want to read this first.….?

A week ago the moon passed thru the Aries portion of the zodiac where she tackled the complications that arise from Jupiter, Chiron, Mars, and Eris in Aries as well.    She’s calmer now in Taurus.

But!  Mars is pretty fiery & hot and so close now to Eris that I fear we’re about to see a lot of firewords until July 6 when Mars, having exhausted himself, as is his nature, rests for a bit in Taurus.  Mars customarily spends about 6 weeks in a zodiac sign.  That’s the normal rhythm of the universe for him.  However, because of retrograde motion Mars will be in Gemini for  (August 21, 2022 – March 26, 2023)  SEVEN MONTHS!  OMG!    FYI   (This is important for those of us who will participate in Beyond Words

For now, remember to take note of what’s happening  in your life around August 21, when Mars crawls from Taurus into Gemini.   Mars will return nearly to this point in time  during his backward motion of this seven-month (yipes!!) retrograde journey.   Mars rules Scorpio as well as Aries, so both those sun sign will feel the slow down motion most, perhaps?    The retrograde period begins late October and lasts until Jan, 2023.  That’s 2 solid months of backward motion in Gemini.  It isn’t until Spring, 2023 before he reaches the 26th degree from where the Rx began.

Eris & Mars form a conjunction on June 27 at 24 degrees of Aries.  The God of War meets The Goddess of War in Aries.  Volumes will be written of the events that will continue until at least 2025.

more later……………   much to discuss, ponder, and contemplate..

stay safe………..

Om Nimah Shivaya…..shanti, shanti, shantihi

Eris Yoga

I’m now in my seventh decade of life here, this time around, and find myself still firmly rooted in the same vicinity of my birthplace, Neptune………… New Jersey, that is. The fact that planet Neptune is located near the nadir of my horoscope is a constant source of amusement.  Synchronicity, you know?

During High School I was on the staff of The Megaphone, the APHS newspaper.  At one time I was the official “typing editor”.  Whatever.  Hanging around with would be writers, editors, journalists, and graphic designers was a good fit for me, although I didn’t appreciate it at the time.

From the getgo I imagined this blog as an expression of the moment as filtered thru this brain with an attempt to connect to who? what?  To self-publish anything and not have to go through the judgement and opinions of others was mind-blowing for this baby-boomer! I really learned a lot and education is never wasted.

As I repost this I remember that the birthchart for this post shows the moon at 26 Gemini which seems fitting with the nature of this post.

May all beings practice right speech.


1967 APHS

Asbury Park Blogging Dharma My photos

So, this is my Tiger.  Gonna try and paint her for the “year of the tiger”.  Already the month seems to be very ‘busy’.  Tigers are an active bunch, especially if they have a ‘purpose’.   More on that later.  February is a really good time to Feng Shui your environment.  Expand your thinking on how to use (your) space.  It’s important.


Feng Shui Holistic Health

I have a long, long history with all things “Kripalu”.   A search using the name will return a majority of posts that were the result of my activities in that weird pink brick building on the most beautiful piece of land I could get to, easily.  The blissful 3 hour drive on the NY Thruway was and still is a welcome diversion from the hustle/bustle jersey shore environment dominated by water., …everywhere. I live in a town called Interlaken named such because it’s and surrounded by lakes.  When I turn onto the street that leads directly to Kripalu Center I am on Interlaken Ave, in Massachusetts.   You can’t ignore or not see these markers when they show up.  What do they mean?   That’s a different conversation.  Needless to say, it’s been a special place for me for a long time.

One of the (many) reasons I fell in love with Kripalu is that I got to experience myself differently. (nature vs nurture) (fate vs free will)  When I first walked thru the doors I was a stressed out, spiritually starved single mom selling real estate to get my two kids thru college.  My mother had died, there was no other family nearby, and I just charged on.  What else was there to do?  My local yoga teacher urged me to visit Kripalu.

At the desk I remember them asking me to fill out some simple paperwork.  One of the questions concerned employment.  I stumbled on that one, which as I write this was a sticky question from the earliest days of my childhood….but that’s another story.  Although the world saw me mostly as a real estate professional, I had also started a side gig as a time and space consultant which primarily involved astrology, feng shui, and yoga.  Standing at the desk at Kripalu for the first time, I wrote in Astrologer as my occupation.  It really hadn’t thought it out and in the years to come it was fascinating to see the differences between my NJ-self and my newly born Kripalu-self.   There’s a couple bf memoirs in those experiences and maybe I’ll even write them?

So, taking on the persona of astrologer rather than realtor I experienced what a spiritual community looked like.  How they interacted with people like me.  How they interacted with those who they knew.  By the end of that 2 night stay I was hooked.  I needed Kripalu and began to reorganize my life to allow for frequent trips up the thruway into the Berkshires.

As a volunteer, one of my most favorite assignments was to work with the audio/visual team which was headed by a guy named Bob.  He was kind and very patient in teaching me about the all the technical aspects of Kripalu programming.  These were the days of analog, digital anything was far off.  The AV team was always around the musicians and that’s where my heart really wanted to be, with the musicians.  The music that I experienced live at Kripalu moved me in a way the Rolling Stones never did and they moved me too, truth be told.  Being an ‘assistant’ at most of the musical venues at Kripalu was heaven on earth for me.

Here’s a story I wrote about one of those times. 

Kripalu has re-opened and another incarnation of this community is about to be birthed.  So many changes.  Everywhere.

I’m curious to see what’s next.




The book fell off the shelf and opened to this page when I picked it up.   When Things Fall Apart, Heart Advice for Difficult Times  by Pema Chodron   page 91


Spiritual awakening is frequently described as a journey to the top of a mountain.  We leave our attachments and our worldliness behind and slowly make our way to the top.  At the peak we have transcended all pain.  the only problem with this metaphor is that we leave all the others behind-our drunken brother, our schizophrenic sister, our tormented animals and friends.  Their suffering continues, unrelieved by our personal escape.

In the process of discovering bodhichitta, the journey goes down, not up.  It’s as if the mountain pointed toward the center of the earth instead of reaching into the sky.  Instead of transcending the suffering of all creatures, we move toward th turbulence and doubt.  We jump into it.  We slide into it.  We tiptoe into it.  We move toward it however we can.  We explore the reality and unpredictability of insecurity and pain, and we try not to push it away.  If it takes years, if it takes lifetimes, we let it be as it i9s.  At our own pace, without speed or aggression, we move down and down and down.  with us move millions of others, our companions in awakening from fear.  At the bottom we discover water, the healing water of bodhichitta.  Right down there in the thick of things, we discover the love that will not die.

That’s what we do in yoga therapy,  we dive down.   It’s an exhilarating journey, if you are on a path of spiritual awakening.  It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in, there’s a lot to learn and discover inside your self.

Join us this Fall for Yoga Therapy for Grandma, An Introductory Course   On Zoom.  Are you on the mailing list?


Ancient Wisdom Buddhism Yoga Yoga Therapy

Feeling kinda beat up, exhausted, and emptied out.  The adjectives attached to (Hurricane) Ida were quite negative and unpleasant to hear/read/see.  Verbal abuse from every quarter with no regard to my feelings.

As a facilitator for mind/body experiences it’s been a fruitful time to practice what I preach.  I watched myself talk back to the newscasters and explain why it could be a good thing to be:  relentless, forceful, and rapidly growing.  I tried not to take anything personally….nor, to swell with any pride about my strength, persistence, determination.

The story continues, and will for a while.  I think Ida will go in the history books for reasons we haven’t even realized yet.


As for me, my lunar return is in a few hours so the best self-care I can think of right now is a nap.  There’s a long to-do list waiting at the next new cycle.

more later….




I’ve been hearing and seeing my name on every type of media for days. Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming memoir:  Becoming Grandma.





Becoming Ida………………….

I’ve had a rocky relationship thru the years with my birth name, hating it, loving it, wanting to change it somehow, spell it different.  It’s such a simple name.  I’m anything but simple.

I was named after both Grandmothers.  Ida, was a derivative of Gaetana, my mother’s mother. Fae, the ‘middle’ name’ by spelling but meant to be attached to Ida as one name,  was my father’s mother, Fanny.  Both had passed on before my birth so I had no living role model for being  an Ida Fae.

As soon as I was old enough to read (early ‘50’s) I began to search for my name in print. I remember feeling sad that I could never find a magnet or a card or anything with my name printed on it.  My mother sent away for some small fabric labels with my name on it and sewed them on my clothing for sleep-away camp.  That didn’t count.

Throughout high school I did see my name in the newspapers a few times.  

It wasn’t as if kids made fun of me regarding my name.  I never experienced that. No.  My experience was more of an issue around being seen and heard and  feeling invisible. Who am I if my name isn’t included by those that make things with names on them?

Although I would not meet another Ida until I was 45, I met lots and lots of people who had an Aunt Ida, a grandmother Ida, or some other older elder who was greatly loved.  I never met anyone who didn’t like Ida if she had one in her life.  Hmmm.  I wonder how I’m doing?

The first significant meet-up with another woman named Ida happened at Kripalu Yoga Center during  one of my earlier visits.    And, then, again at Kripalu  I met a 2nd Ida.  We had a wild moment when all 3 of us were in the same place at the same time!  Their experiences of being named Ida was similar in context but not in content.

“Who I am”  would become a life-long search in and of itself.  Never mind that Ida is quite prominent in sanskrit.

Although I’ve traveled the country and a bit of the world in recent years, and I’ve yet to find a magnet, or a mug, or any kind of chachke or card for a generic Ida.

That said:

In 2009 Hurricane Ida hit the Jersey Shore.on the day before my birthday!  There were headlines everywhere.  “Ida’s Coming!” was one.  I couldn’t get out to buy the paper but it’s online here.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Ida_%282009%29

In 2015, Ida won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

In 2016, I spotted this book in Barnes & Noble and Ida dies.  There was so much synchronicity for this story at that time that it’s hard to believe it’s coincidental.  The same could be said of the movie, too.

………..   end of excerpt






And now, Hurricane Ida…..strikes again.   Hard to be invisible these days.  I guess it’s time to re-think who I am.



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