Yoga Therapy Classes vs Yoga Classes

The most significant difference one would find by participating in a yoga therapy class is the approach and intention of the practice.  The word therapy should alert you that we are looking for some specific relief to our specific challenges.  Yoga therapy address the entire body including, but not limited to: the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body.  The Causal and Subtle Bodies are emphasized in order to balance out our customary focus on the Gross (physical) body.  The terminology is unnecessary to learn but it does help one’s ability to achieve a ‘state of yoga’ if one can label the map.

Yoga Therapy Classes are 90 minutes.  It’s pretty hard to get the experience we are aiming for in any less time.  During class, a topic will be introduced with some discussion.  The practices will begin with a seated body scan and forming an intention.  After that we’ll move on to: pranayama, asana, expressive movement, nada yoga, dharana, dhyana, yoga nidra, and meditation.  Every class is different and the practices will chosen to accomodate the students with most of what they want, and some of what they need.

All are welcome.  Chairs & Assorted Props are available.