The Salon for Astrological Discourse

I love the idea for a salon-type gathering to discuss the astrology of our times.

In order to learn/understand the ancient science of astrology one must have an eager mind willing to entertain all kinds of possibilities as well as a discriminating mind that can sort out junk information from truth.

Having  teachers is really important. Not because they know it all. But, more because, the subtleties of the science can only be learned by dialogue, discourse, and debate and that’s what happen with teachers and group classes. The discussions are invaluable to one’s learning.  That said, the greatest teacher of all is your own life experience.

Astrology cannot be learned or understood in a vacuum. In order to be an accomplished astrologer, one must learn about all the other sciences too. Philosophy, ethics, psychology, history, economics, education, medicine, metaphysics, and spirituality are all related topics that require study time…..if one is to apply astrology to human life.

With this in mind, if astrology is an interesting topic to you, please join us or at least get on the list of interested persons.  It doesn’t matter what you know or don’t know about astrology. Everyone is invited  to attend and anyone can suggest a topic for a future meeting.  The only rules are those that help us have good quality conversation observing the guidelines of non-violent communications and we’ll discuss all that at the start of our gathering.

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