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Let the mind be the mind.

Behind its restless activity,

just one layer deeper

is stillness, and beneath

even that, is an ocean of mystery and truth.

Swim in this eternal sea

until you know yourself

to be infinity, and bring

that knowing back into

your day.  Why struggle

to be what you are already?

Let the mind be the mind

but don’t bind yourself

to its limited reality.

Trust your experience of

vastnes.  Trust the truth

that never loses potency

or disappears in fear.

Let the mind be the mind

and identify not with

thought, but silence.

…from Limitless by Danna Faulds.

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I’ve returned to my homebase recently after spending a lunar cycle on the West Coast. My Pluto line ran right through the locality I spent most of the time in.

For the last 3 days of my trip I was able to travel to a Sun/Jupiter paran to experience some relief from those intensive Pluto vibrations.

Understanding your personal Astro-Cartography can be very helpful when traveling. My preparations were successful and effective.

My plane landed at the same time as another one in the area was crashing into a nearby river….give or take a few hours…. both of us were flying under Mercury Retrograde with saturn/moon conjunction forming. Good Fortune was present for All. Ommmmm.

How blessed I am to have this retrograde period. It will give me time to process my journey and convert all that I learned into my teaching for this new DAY

Mercury Retrograde periods can be very productive times for cleaning up the lose ends of projects that are not yet complete. This particular Mercury Retrograde period began at 8 Aquarius. If you have planets in Aquarius you need to do a little more research than this blog. But, for now here’s some input from An Astrological Mandala, a book on the Sabian Symbols by Dane Rudyhar, a master for sure.

recommended reading...
A great resource for Sabian Symbols.


…..a time to consider the “fixed symbols upon which a culture is based, with mental archetypes.

…a stage of vision

….new forms are revealed to the consciousness “

Wow. That seems pretty interesting me considering the state of world affairs these days.

Oh well. More coming as soon as I re-acclimate to the local time/space conditions of the East Coast.

May all beings be peaceful.

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The differences between Eastern & Western astrology systems definitely illustrate some of the differences between the two cultures.

First, consider how each system looks at the moon. In the Vedic system, the moon is extremely important and is more relevant than the Sun. (a heresy to consider here in the west!) Whereas here in the west the moon represents our moods, our emotions, and our unconscious behavior patterns. In the east, the moon describes the mind….particularly the monkey mind, or the puppy mind as yoga teacher Steven Cope has described it. Either, or, it’s out of our control.

On the other hand, Mercury in the western system governs things like communication, networking, short distance travel, and our habitual thinking patterns. In the Vedic system, Mercury has more to do with our intellect, a higher function than we usually attribute to Mercury.

The yogi’s and other spiritual seekers of the east spend a lot of time studying the mind. Over the centuries they have written volumes on the nature of the mind and how to best use and control it. For anyone who has practiced yoga or meditation for a while it’s easy to see that they are definitely onto something. The Buddah tells us that our suffering is really a result of negative and disruptive mind states. Patanjali wrote in his famous sutras, that the ultimate purpose of yoga is about calming down the fluctuations of the mind.

Whether you follow eastern or western astrology there’s a lot of information to be gained by examining the condition of the moon and mercury in your chart. First consider the sign and house placement of each planet, and then spend some time looking at the aspect (or relationship) of them to each other. Perhaps you’ll get a sense of how your mind functions, or not! After all, your entire perspective is simply a result of your own mind.


Time to ponder.

Om shanti.

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