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 Yoga Therapy Workshop –  Saturday, June 29 1-4pm   $30/$35 (Sanctuary Students/not)

 Please register in advance to guarantee your spot.   No deposit is required please honor your commitment to come.

Call/text 732.531.9013 for more information.












An Experiential Course of Self-Study using Yoga, Yoga Therapy & Astrology
The intention for this work is to bring cosmic forces, yoga practices, and healing energies into time/space alignment in order to provide a transformational/healing experience for the participants.


Inquire Within© is offered in a variety of formats suitable for groups or individuals.  Private Sessions, Workshops & Retreats are available.   Intensives offer a ‘deep practice’ experience and require registration.   An Advanced Yoga Teacher -Training Program is in progress.

Each program has a specific topic.  We discuss  the astrology of it and how it shows up (behaviorally & symbolically) in our lives.  Using our individual natal charts. we can then practice yoga, on and off the mat, to integrate the information.

Experiential portions of this program include: Asana, pranayama, mudra, yoga nidra, meditation, chant, integrative breathwork, art, journaling, expressive movement, dyads & storytelling. Some hatha yoga experience is recommended but not necessary. Our practices will be gentle & challenging at the same time. Experiences and insights that stimulate the mind-body-spirit connection can be profoundly transformational. Inner space explorations of outer space can at times stir up the unconscious and help us to see places we don’t often visit consciously. Be ready.

Longer intensives feature Integrated Breathwork.  When led by an experienced and seasoned facilitator this experience can be profound.  It is recommended that you have some experience with hatha yoga (asana and pranayama) to participate.  The posture flows are  gentle and suitable for all bodies and abilities.

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More information regarding astrological transits impacting the weekend is here.




Self Study or Svadaya in Sanskrit,  refers to the practice of introspection and the ‘study of the self’.  It encourages one to practice awareness and self-reflection.  The goal of these programs, if there were one, would be to know our true/authentic self; the part beyond personality, thoughts, body or emotions.

My intention as facilitator is bring in alignment various  yoga (therapy) practices and cosmic forces to create optimal conditions for expanded self-awareness.  Transformation, healing, or enlightenment are also possible side effects.

The location for this program has been a gathering place for astrologers  and Vedic scholars from around the world for decades.  It’s a spiritual place. Although I understand and use the Vedic system myself, these programs mostly focus on the outer planets, which are not recognized in the Eastern system.  Ergo, I welcome all to come, learn, practice, and grow.  More and more information will be posted as we closer to the time.

The chart on the right shows our curriculum for the weekend.  I’ll be sending out tweets, pictures, posts and pages to keep you informed of what we’ll be covering.  For starters go here:

Experiential portions of this program include: Asana, pranayama, mudra, yoga nidra, meditation, chant, integrative breathwork (optional, depending on content) art, journaling, expressive movement, dyads & storytelling. Hatha yoga and experience with astrology is not necessary. The practices will be gentle & challenging at the same time. Experiences and insights that stimulate the mind-body-spirit connection can be profoundly transformational. Inner space explorations of outer space can at times stir up the unconscious and help us to see places we don’t often visit consciously.

PROGRAM COST:   Super Early-Bird Registration  $100.  ends June 21. $150 after that. Registration for program is here. Contact Ida with questions.  Group Rates Apply.  Scholarships Available.

Participants make their own reservations for lodging/boarding.  I recommend that you stay at the Gurukulum rather than seek off-campus accomodations.

ARSHA VIDYA GURUKULUM, Saylorsburg, PA.  Contact AVG for questions regarding accomodations. Ask for Vimala  (570)992 2339

Email: avpoffice@gmail.com






























Chiron enters Aries.

This is a big deal.   The asteroid named Chiron was discovered in the mid-seventies and I believe he was in Aries at that same time.  Some   senior astrologers out there might remember quite well what was happening during that time.  It was similar to now in ways we are about to find out as Chiron returned to Aries on Feb 19.   A Chiron Return is in place.

Click for related post.

For a richer *understanding*  of what this upcoming cycle might yield I turn to the Sabien Symbols as interpreted by  Dane Rudyhar..   I’ve written about them in past posts.

Rudyhar writes: “1° ARIES is the “first of the 360 phases of a universal and multi-level cyclic process which aims at the actualization of a particular set of potentialities.”  This 360 phase process is described symbolically thru out the book.   Specifically the first degree of Aries is the Sabian Symbol: “A WOMAN JUST RISEN FROM THE SEA.  A SEAL IS EMBRACING HER.”

Rudyhar goes on with the keynote:  Emergence of new forms and of the potentiality of consciousness.

There’s a lot to unpack there.

….more later



Astrology Holistic Health Yoga Therapy

 Saturday, August 11,  9-12pm


Registration $112/$125    After August 6.        No deposit is required at this time  but please honor your commitment to come.  Space limited.

Call/text 732.531.9013 for information and to register.  Or, fill out form below.











September 13-15, 2019

Please submit this form to register for the program.  You will be contacted with the schedule at a later date.  You can also call/text Ida with your information.  Group rates apply.  Scholarships Available.  Early, Early Bird cost is $100 until May 30. JUNE 21!    $150  after that.  Room & Board is arranged separately.















 Yoga Nidra Workshop –  Thursday, July 11 2019 6:30 pm  $30/$35 (Sanctuary Students/not)

 Please register in advance to guarantee your spot.   No deposit is required. Please honor your commitment to come.  Space limited.

Call/text 732.531.9013 for information.

Request for more information or to register for workshop












“Your days pass like rainbows, like a flash of lightning, like a star at dawn. Your life is short. How can you quarrel?”





INQUIRE WITHIN – Mysterious Blessings

Yoga Teachings & Experiential Activities for Unresolved Grief, Sadness, and Loss.

Experience Renewed Peace, Serenity, and Comfort.  

Recently , one of my students died.  Our relationship spanned 35+ years.  She had been a witness to my life and a few of my ‘transformations’.  And, I to hers. She was more than a student to me.  Over the decades we were friends & rivals, neighbors & housemates.  We came from entirely different families and background but felt a kinship when we first met at the tennis club in Wall, NJ.  I felt honored and blessed that she allowed me to stay close to her thruout her illness, treatment, and hospice period.  It’s a very sacred time, as is birthing.  We don’t deal well with loss or death in our modern culture.  Nor with grief, sadness, or despair.  As a society we repress it and allow only a limited number of days of leave from  work, and responsibilities.   Then we’re told to “Get over it” and move on. Which might be the best action to take?  Who knows?  But, where does the rest of the grief go?  And what about the sadness from the less-final losses we experience?  Where does the leftover sadness go if it wasn’t fully expresses?

Yoga Therapy offers a multi-level perspective on the human body and provides healing opportunities in different and unexpected ways.  When unresolved and unexpressed emotions collect internally all sorts of ailments, dis-ease and dysfunction can occur. Raising our awareness of how the physical/subtle/causal bodies respond to different circumstances can help us remove  the unconscious blockages (samskara’s) that cause imbalance and prevent healing.

This half-day experiential program will help you to know how and where your body stores unresolved emotions particularly grief/loss/sadness.  The movements of Saturn/Pluto/Ketu (South Node of the Moon) over the past months have provided us with lots of events, news, and crisis to provoke these vulnerable emotions.  Participation gives you a dedicated time to acknowledge, feel, and heal what’s been lurking in your shadow.  Social Silence and Sacred Space honored.

Activities include: Gentle Kripalu Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and off-the-mat experiences artfully sequenced to support you through this healing experience. Feel free to call with questions.   Group & Family rates apply.


Saturday, Saturday, July 27  9-1pm

$40/$60 Sanctuary students/others. 

Must register  by July 25.  Call/text 732.531.9013 or submit form.


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“Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too”
~Isabel Allende

“Yea/But”, Yoga & Your a Story 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

1-5:30 pm  $55/$65  (Sanctuary students/All others)

Register  before Oct 21 and get 10%off!

Reading, wrijuggling-animals.jpgting, and telling stories has been a cultural phenomenon  thruout human history.  That’s because it’s the best way to learn……just about everything.

Join us for this lively, soulful, and hopefully entertaining workshop, the day before we put on our Halloween masks.  Everyone is welcome, although we will be meeting in a yoga studio and working mostly from the floor.  Chairs are available, and we most certainly will be getting up and moving around often enough to keep you flexible and engaged.

Bring with you: a favorite writing instrument, if you have one, a personal journal (optional), and maybe a mask if you think it might help you achieve some ‘authentic’ truth.   A water bottle would be handy to have too.

We begin promptly, so please be on time.   And, there’s a meditation in the space earlier that morning (10am) which may also help you quiet your mind enough to really reap the benefits of our afternoon.  Activities include: gentle stretching, yoga breathing, mudra, savasana, dyads, expressive movement, writing practice, and more.

To register in advance call/text 732.531.9013.   Program Location is: The Sanctuary, 560 Main St, 2C, Loch Arbor.  Space is limited to 10.  Register early to avoid program cancellation due to minimal attendance.


For those who have faced trauma, abuse, addiction, or self-harming behaviors.

You know that healing is an inside job. Tapping into your deep well of inner resource is paramount to healing. Maintaining a healthy connection to your inner guidance is the path. YOU have all you need right inside – your truth, passions, and purpose. Experiencing this connection in a safe and sacred place with like-hearted community is a garden from which you harvest your authentic self.

In this seamless and structured intensive, you will be heard, seen, and honored. You choose what you are ready to release and manifest. Transformation is possible – in fact it is inevitable with a YES and willingness to give yourself the time and space to come home to you. 



The Schedule is as follows:

Friday 7pm-9pm Here & Now. We will prepare the space and set our intentions for the program which begins promptly at 7pm. Feel free to arrive at 6:45pm

Saturday. 8am – 9pm       The Intensive
The day will consist of moving energy through carefully sequenced experiences evoking physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation & healing. Keeping with the format of an ‘intensive’ there is very limited “free” time during the weekend. Please be prepared to practice social silence.

Integrative Yoga Therapy will be used to address the physical body. If you have any concerns about your ability to do the practices please contact Ida to discuss. All bodies are welcome. Practices will be chosen appropriately. Other experiential exercises may include: dyads, journaling, free movement, ceremony & ritual, Integrative Breathwork.

Sunday 9:30am – 12:30pm  Integration & Intentions. Taking it home. This session is essential to expand upon and enjoy your growth.

Saturday through Sunday noon meals are included. They will be simple and light thus designed to support your process.



Where: Bring this program to your location.

Cost:  includes program and meals for Sat-Sun noon.
25% deposit is due upon registration. 50% non-refundable. Information packet with instructions, contact info, maps, etc. sent upon registration. Limited to 12 participants, early registration suggested.

Registration & Self-Assessment forms must be submitted for acceptance to program.  Registration Transformation and Bliss

Please complete promptly.  Direct your questions to:  Sherri Rainingbird, LMFT 203-206-0544 or Ida Cullen, C-IAYT  732.531.9013 or ida@ifcullen.com.



 Ida and Sherri are honored to facilitate your work towards transformation, inner peace, truth, balance & empowerment.

Go here for more on The Facilitators.