Right Now.


At my location on the planet, Zero Degrees of Leo is on the Midheaven, the high-point of the cosmos, from here.

I don’t know what’s ‘sitting above’ you from your location.

We are all looking at the same heavens, and not, all at the same time, or not.

It can get a little mushy.

Especially right now.

The Moon is sitting up there, the power behind the throne, in the 29th degree of Cancer.  It certainly is the ending of something.


And, it is the beginning of something else.

All at the same time…………..relatively speaking.

Are you still with me?


Take a breath.



It will take the moon about 9 more hours to connect in the most intimate of ways with the sun, a solar eclipse.

The sun’s light will be blocked out and we can all let go of our ego’s for a little while and get into the heart.


Look at the other side…….what do you see?   There’s Neptune, Chiron, and the North Node.

Some astrologers may see this combination as ominous……

I see it as a balancing effect.

Sometimes we need a little help to maintain our balance….like having a wall nearby while you’re in Vrikasana.

tree pose

………………….(later)…………………………………….I was interrupted by a phone call just as mercury came over the mid-heaven.

It’s no longer the now of the now that was before now.

Now,  it’s the now of now.


have a nice day  🙂

om shanti.

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  1. museditions said:

    Wow, I think I did stay with you. You begin to explain the INTENSITY I’ve noticed recently. Astrology and Relativity all at once. Your illustration was most apt. Shalom.

    August 1, 2008

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