Preparing for Yoga Nidra Online

Here are a few things to consider to insure a wonderful experience.  Eliminate as many potential distractions as possible.  Darken the room, maybe light incense or diffuse essential oils if you are knowledgeable about them.  I recommend Sandalwood or Lavender for overall calming. Turn things off.  Best done without music.  Then, gather together:

  • an eye bag, or something to put across your eyes to block out as much light as possible.
  • blanket (s)
  • a padded mat if you’re on the floor….  the floor is best, especially if you are a hatha yoga practitioner.  Too much cushioning (a mattress )prevents the body from good ‘alignment’.  If the floor is too uncomfortable feel free choose a different space.  Once we begin the session you will need to remain perfectly still…………as best you can.
  • towels/ large and small to roll up for support under the neck/knees/lower back.    Especially good if you have lower back problems, neck issues, or pregnant  Contact Ida if you have questions about positioning.  It’s important that the position of the neck supports full-throated breathing.
  • dress comfortably….the body tends to cool down when deeply relaxed, make sure you are warm.
  • journal/notebook, something to write/draw with for after the experience is complete.  It’s very interesting to look back on the experiences after some time has gone by.

A major piece of yoga nidra is the creation of a sankalpa.  A sankalpa is more than an affirmation or an intention. It goes deeper than that.  The sankalpa allows you to re-program your unconscious to accept a new reality.  We’ll talk about it in class.  Or send me questions in advance.  It needs to be framed as an I-statement in the present tense.  ie.

Begin now to meditate on your sankalpa any means that works for you.  Distill it  down to simple words in the present tense.  ie.  I am safe at all times.   May I be healthy in mind and body.   May I be at peace with what is.  May I be happy.  May I experience peace.  I am loved and appreciated.

Please be on time for this experience.   Feel free to contact me with questions.

Om Shanti