All bodies, in any condition, can benefit from yoga therapy. Because of its holistic approach to wellness, yoga therapy impacts all bodies, healthy and not-so-healthy.  In addition to improved health, other benefits include: enhanced creativity, stronger focus, wider range of emotional expression, balanced relationships, greater fulfillment at work, living your purpose, and a true experience of ‘connection to all’ are some that are possible.  But the immediate effects of reduced tension, smoother breathing, a quieter mind and a peaceful heart are enough for most people.

Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga.   ~ International Association of Yoga Therapists

Originally the essence of yoga was transmitted from teacher to student in an individualized setting. Group classes did not exist. Very little was written down and the discipline was passed on through the oral traditions and intuitive pathways.  Personal Yoga Therapy seeks to continue the traditional ratio of one-to-one  with a focus on whole-body wellness, personal development, spirituality, transformation, and healing.  

Through the efforts of the IAYT, yoga therapy is becoming a more clearly defined and evidence-based therapy.  New, documented evidence is coming out from various research based projects every day.  Yoga therapy has benefits for just about every malady in ocurrent culture, including trauma, abuse, addiction.



Personal Yoga Therapy reaches into the entire realm of vedic sciences (yoga, ayurveda, astrology) to  offer a variety of practices and experiences that will help you understand your self, your soul, and your current life circumstances.  The benefits are immediately felt by the ease in the body and peace in the mind, heart & soul. The Yamas & Niyamas will be our guiding ethics.   Making a commitment to yourself and your process is important.  Trusting me is important too.  Strict confidentiality is practiced.

Regardless of your *intention* Personal Yoga Therapy can make a difference.  Sessions can be scheduled one at a time, or in blocks of 3 or 6 sessions.   Hours are available on weekdays, weekends, and evenings by appointment.   Group classes are available and information on that is here.

Personal Yoga Therapy© can also be scheduled for one or more participants who wish to work together as a group.  Family programs are quite common.  Confidentiality is an important piece for creating a safe place. References available upon request.


 Yoga experience is appreciated but not necessary.
Sessions can be held in the privacy of your home or at The Sanctuary.


Personal Yoga Therapy is also for those who:

  • Are using their yoga for personal and/or spiritual development
  • Have physical/mental/emotional  limitations/restrictions that prevent them from attending group classes
  • Want to expand their yoga practice ‘off the mat’ with dialogue with a teacher/mentor
  • Seeking support for deep transformation
  • Seeking support for life-change, expected or unexpected
  • Are in a 12-step Recovery program
  • Prefer a practice in an intimate setting or  the privacy of your home
  • Are looking to establish or grow a spiritual practice
  • Are preparing or recovering from surgery, injury, or accident
  • Are curious
Inquire Within©, is an in depth self-discovery program of 6 sessions integrating astrology, yoga therapy, and ayurveda.  After an intensive intake session subsequent sessions may include: astrological consultation, ayurvedic assessment, yoga nidra, body mapping, art,  integrative breathwork, and other vedic counseling practices to support your personal journey and achieve your intention.  All sessions include hatha yoga and meditation. Sometimes these explorations stir up the unconscious, exposing places we may have kept hidden from ourselves.  For this reason, it is important that people who do this work are prepared, willing, and emotionally ready to do so.  It is recommended that a self-assessment form be completed before the first session if possible.  Call for more details.
Small or Large Group programs, retreats, intensives also available.