Mysterious Blessings


“Your days pass like rainbows, like a flash of lightning, like a star at dawn. Your life is short. How can you quarrel?”



INQUIRE WITHIN – Mysterious Blessings

Yoga Teachings & Experiential Activities for Grief, Sadness, and Loss.

Experience Renewed Peace, Serenity, and Comfort.  

Recently , one of my students died.  Our relationship spanned 35+ years.  She had been a witness to my life and a few of my ‘transformations’.  And, I to hers. She was more than a student to me.  Over the decades we were friends & rivals, neighbors & housemates.  We came from entirely different families and background but felt a kinship when we first met at the tennis club in Wall, NJ.  I felt honored and blessed that she allowed me to stay close to her thruout her illness, treatment, and hospice period.  It’s a very sacred time, as is birthing.  We don’t deal well with loss or death in our modern culture.  Nor with grief, sadness, or despair.  As a society we repress it and allow only a limited number of days of leave from  work, and responsibilities.   Then we’re told to “Get over it” and move on. Which might be the best action to take?  Who knows?  But, where does the rest of the grief go?  And what about the sadness from the less-final losses we experience?  Where does the leftover sadness go if it wasn’t fully expresses?

Yoga Therapy offers a multi-level perspective on the human body and provides healing opportunities in different and unexpected ways.  When unresolved and unexpressed emotions collect internally all sorts of ailments, dis-ease and dysfunction can occur. Raising our awareness of how the physical/subtle/causal bodies respond to different circumstances can help us remove  the unconscious blockages (samskara’s) that cause imbalance and prevent healing.

This half-day experiential program will help you to know how and where your body stores unresolved emotions particularly grief/loss/sadness.  The movements of Saturn/Pluto/Ketu (South Node of the Moon) over the past months have provided us with lots of events, news, and crisis to provoke these vulnerable emotions.  Participation gives you a dedicated time to acknowledge, feel, and heal what’s been lurking in your shadow.  Social Silence and Sacred Space honored.

Activities include: Gentle Kripalu Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and off-the-mat experiences artfully sequenced to support you through this healing experience. Feel free to call with questions.   Group & Family rates apply.


Saturday, Saturday, July 27  9-1pm

$40/$60 Sanctuary students/others. 

Must register  by July 25.  Call/text 732.531.9013 or submit form.


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