Let the mind, be the mind.


Let the mind be the mind.

Behind its restless activity,

just one layer deeper

is stillness, and beneath

even that, is an ocean of mystery and truth.

Swim in this eternal sea

until you know yourself

to be infinity, and bring

that knowing back into

your day.  Why struggle

to be what you are already?

Let the mind be the mind

but don’t bind yourself

to its limited reality.

Trust your experience of

vastnes.  Trust the truth

that never loses potency

or disappears in fear.

Let the mind be the mind

and identify not with

thought, but silence.

…from Limitless by Danna Faulds.


  1. I found your site as I love to use Danna’s poems in my classes. Your choice of image complements her musings. My daughter studied the harp briefly, so I am amused by your harp references. I play the flute, inspired by Krishna, and find it a very relaxing pranayama.

    February 4, 2010
    • yogini said:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. The flute and harp are lovely together.

      February 5, 2010

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