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Three things cannot be long hidden:

the sun,

the moon


the truth.

Gautama Siddharta (563-483BC)

Astrologia, is a greek word that refers to the study of stars.  The earliest document available in our western libraries is believed to be from 668-626 BC and it referenced things like: astronomic observations, eclipses, and predictions.  The oldest known surviving  horoscope ( a chart cast for a human being as opposed to a chart for a city/state/organization) is believed to be from 410 BC.

The largest collection of astrological writings and manuscripts are held in the Vatican.

more later.


On Jan 2, 2014 I set into motion my new year’s resolution to “draw something” everyday.

That same afternoon, I sat with my 6-year old granddaughter and together we drew pictures, or doodles, or whatever we wanted to do. I explained to her that I was going to draw a picture in this ‘book’ everyday. Recently when we visited in June, she asked to see my ‘book’ and was delighted to see I had continued what we had started together.  In looking thru my sketchbook it’s stunning to see what happened from late May thru June!  You don’t need to be an art therapist to see that something interrupted my ‘usual’ flow.


The underlying intention for me with this practice was to let go of any ideas of good drawing, bad drawing, and just try to let something come through that wasn’t………………………words. You see, I don’t draw. I write. I play music. I have other creative talents, but I have never really focused on drawing/painting etc. Except maybe when I had to take a couple of architectural drafting classes in college. I loved that kind of drawing. The ruler, the compass, the straight edge, and all those wonderfully sharp pencils & fine point pens, all were tools of delight.

Today, I am completely obsessed with my drawing practice. It’s the most pleasant, calming thing I do, excluding of course yoga, music practice, and playing with my cats. (who was it that said if your work is your passion then you never really ‘work’ a day in your life. ?)

I’m carefully watching my process and my progress with rapt attention ribbondoodlecropped I continue to practice what I surprisingly learned during May, 2014, and that is a ‘new’ found drawing/meditation technique known as Zentangling. ( I thought I was onto something ‘new’ myself, having come to the website quite by accident.) Anyway, I’m onto my second sketchbook, in record time,  and recommitting to my new years resolution of a drawing a day, or as it’s looking right now, ” A Doodle A Day” !

One of life’s synchronicities showed up when I recently opened Kripalu’s Fall catalogue. Right there in the first few pages on the upper right corner was an ad for the upcoming weekend with the founders of Zentangle at Kripalu! Life gets tangled up, you know and there’s more to this story than I care to write about right now.

But, it is revealing and interesting to look back at all the pictures since January and see the (artistic) representations that have developed. It’s easy to see. It’s visual. be continued.


Hi Everyone. ThFBjuly92014doodle_thumb.jpgis is my first post on this newly-designed website. I don’t have much time to write right now. I hope to get back here later today to discuss a few things. Meanwhile, click around, and let me know, please, what needs some editing/tweaking etc. I will turn the comments on for this post.

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Jai Bhagwan.

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Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute:

What you can do, or dream you can, begin it:

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

Only engage and the mind grows heated;

Begin and then the work will be completed.



There are 13 lunar cycles to a calendar year of 12 months, 13 opportunities for new beginnings.

The New Phase of the Moon initiates the waxing half of the lunar cycle. Waxing means growing in light, representing formative processes. Dane Rudyhar writes that the waxing time represents the “power of instinct”. Thus, during the two-week waxing period we need to express our spontaneity and instinctive behaviors. Beginning is paramount; outcome is incidental.

At the New Moon the sky is dark. The exact time of it by direct observation is impossible. Metaphysically, the dark represents the unconscious mind, individually and collectively. It is a reflective time, a time to be open and receive clues from the Universe.

The phase begins with a gradual emergence that feels like unfinished business or something pressing to do, but,  you’re not sure what it is, it’s “dark” out. If we neglected to do our mental/emotional/spiritual housecleaning during the previous phase/cycle, it requires effort to shake off the lethargy and the hovering ghosts.

The new phase also represents the passage from nothingness to the more active part of the cycle. It is the stillness behind the motion, the state of suspension before the birth, steeped with hope, possibilities,  and significant beginnings.

It’s an interesting practice to investigate the space between endings and beginnings.  May find that both happen at the same time, and time becomes a wheel.

During these days/months we need to express energy instinctively. Becoming attuned to ourselves and less focused on the external environment, unless you practice spiritual feng shui in your home. This period may also be experienced as a state of confusion, being completely in the dark about the “why” of our actions. Spontaneity and impulsive actions are okay to practice now. Like Nike said, Just Do It.

When the sun and the moon come together at the New Moon, our sense of purpose and our unconscious responses become one and the same, blending their energy. Yin and Yang are one, briefly.

It is a time to trust our unconscious and let it be our guide. The Universe will open the door now. Watch, listen, pay attention to what you attract.

If you are astrologically literate and familiar with your natal chart take notice of where the new moon falls. What house is it in and does it aspect any of your planets?

It seems logical to begin things during the time of the new moon. After all it does represent beginnings! However, because the unconscious element is so prevalent at this time take heed. The results you get from starting projects during a new moon may not always be the results you plan for. The unconscious is in control during this time. And, sometimes, most times, our unconscious is a mystery.

I recommend you use this phase to practice being in the moment, aware of sensations in the body, thoughts, emotions, and breath. Give your self some moments of long stillness and then give yourself permission to be (safely, responsibly) impulsive. Let it be okay to not have a goal, or make a new one. Watch what comes to you. Journal.

Later, after a few cycles have completed you can look back and see the significance of the events that began at this time.

Coming:  Yoga Practices for the New Moon

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…… those of you who have recently attended my lectures.  It is exciting to see so many new and familiar faces.  The topic of feng shui, as we came to understand it recently, is much more rich and fascinating then just figuring out what to do with the old couch!

Stay tuned for more and remember to visit my website for upcoming events.

May your life be lived in harmony and good fortune.


The content for this upcoming site is currently being compiled.

Be patient and check back.

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Please contact: Ida if you are looking for a quiet, empty space.


and the inside of the card reads:    “Let me rephrase that”.

May all beings be peaceful.

Amen, Om, Shalom


Each zodiac sign has a core truth that only time spent in a human body can accomplish. Few of us display the virtues of our sun sign at birth. In reality, it takes at least a Saturn cycle of experience (approx. 28 years) to connect with and live from the essence of our Sun sign. Before that, most of us are operating from our moon sign and moving thru the world with habitual and unconscious response patterns. As we approach our first Saturn Return we begin to understand what the essence of our Sun sign is all about and we begin to make a conscious transition from habitual patterns (moon) to conscious living.

One thing that I find most interesting about natal-chart astrology is that you can’t tell by looking at a chart the level of consciousness of the individual. Jeffrey Green in his wonderful book on Pluto- The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul writes about four states of evolutionary conditioning that are not revealed by the chart.

The first state is what he describes as the “dimly evolved” state and encompasses about 3% of the population. It is quite doubtful that we as yoga therapists will come in contact with these individuals as many of them are severly mentally deficient.

The second state he calls the herd state and about 75% of the population falls into this category. He describes these individuals as those who comply with the social/cultural norms of the day. They rarely question their beliefs and are happy to follow mainstream thinking and behavioral patterns.

The third state which holds about 20% of our population ( and growing by my observation) he labels the individuated state. These people question the beliefs and norms of society and look to develop their individuality. Many of them are drawn to yoga and the other spiritual practices which teach from the inside out. Self-discovery is their chosen methodology for learning.

The fourth state of about 3% of human beings is the spiritual state where one lives from a universal state of consciousness. These individuals have moved beyond the individualized state and and attempt to align themselves with the timeless, universal state of being. Jesus, Buddah, Mohammed are the primary examples of what is possible in this state.

In order to support our clients/students it is important to recognize which evolutionary state they are operating from and work from there. Those in the herd state will require patient understanding and acceptance before they can move to the third, individualized state. When working with others it is always important to meet them where they are before you attempt to move them. Yoga & yoga therapy supports experiential learning so rather than using dialogue to explain the different states it is much more effective to design experiences that will help them discover for themselves a more enlightened way of being.

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When we make self-inquiry part of our daily spiritual practice we allow ourselves the bliss of integration.

Do you like to do jig-saw puzzles? There a lot of high’s and low’s  show up with that particular past-time. The Missing Piece, Turning the Corner, Completing the Frame, ……….and then the Moment of Completion! Or, maybe, The Agony of Despair because completion is impossible.

Life is like that. Every day a new piece, a new set of colors, shapes, and sizes to breathe with. Perspective is the key and not until we have done some serious self-inquiry can we hope to regain balance and harmony in our life.

There are times during the course of a month/year/life that are really optimum for self-inquiry practices.

Go to this post on one of my other blogs for more on self-inquiry.

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