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rooster2017 001  Happy Chinese New Year…..

If you were born in:  1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, or 2005,  then according to the Chinese astrological system you are a Rooster.  There are elemental differences though and this year is the year of Fire Rooster.  And that’s really all I have to say about that.  I wanted to try and paint a rooster.  I don’t know?  Does this look like a rooster?

Have a nice day.


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IAYT logo-webWhen I  first got on a yoga mat  at 26 in ’76 I never dreamed that it would become such a big part of my life.  What I discovered then was that I felt good doing it.  My body responded in positive ways but more importantly my spirit soared.  The inclusive philosophy along with the practices of  chanting, meditation & service offered me a sustaining life path for 40 years.

When I took my first residential teacher training in ’99, becoming a yoga ‘teacher’ was the furthest thing in my mind, and if my Teacher hadn’t required us to teach a public class I might  never have taught one.  I wasn’t immersing myself in yoga to create a career, earn money, or achieve fame.  I wanted to know how to live an authentic life, how to fulfill my own potential, how to comprehend the cosmos, and most importantly, how to help others find peace.  But first, I needed to recover and heal myself of more than a few personal trauma’s.  From the first moment I understood yoga to be a  healing modality I recognized a path forward that was good for me and good for others at the same time.

On September 13,  I arrived in Southern California to assist in a major family crisis.
On September 14 I received word that my application to become a certified yoga therapist was accepted by the IAYT!  It took me the whole summer to complete the application which required detailed, evidence-based,  documentation for a minimum of 700 client hours.  In addition to over 500 hours of training in yoga therapy,  I was able document 2,808 client hours of yoga therapy, and over 10,000 hours if you include astrological counseling as part of yogic science/tradition.  That’s a lot of hours and I’m really grateful to be able to practice my passion with others.

The juxtaposition of a significant family crisis versus the validation of my life’s work was a moment that is nearly impossible to comprehend without a metaphysical understanding of how things work and a spiritual practice of acceptance.  Yoga as therapy continues to be my saving grace.  Om Namo Bhagavate Vasu Devaya.

So now, the ‘powers-that-be’ have deemed me competent as a bridge between yoga and our current medical system, a system that is one of many in our society that is obviously broken. But, cynical as that may sound, I am honored and I heartily accept the responsibility of representing current yoga therapy to the medical community, and any other community that will have me!

Please know that this achievement could not have been possible without the willing participation and support from all of my teachers, students, clients, peers, friends and family that have walked this path with me.  May you all feel the love I have for you.

Om Shanti,

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The 2016 SYTAR conference was as good, and better in some ways than last years in Newport Beach.   Different presenters, different speakers, and a different agenda.  Much time was spent on the issue of credentials, as well as how to collect data for research so to make yoga therapy more “evidence-based”.   I guess that’s the only way to satisfy our western models for success.  I was grateful to see a lot of attention given to yoga therapy and mental health, addiction, and trauma.  These topics, here, at this conference illustrate the international  nature of the mental health/addiction crisis.  Yoga therapy can help. IMG_1845

In a specialty class with a teacher from Australia I learned about spanda and I’m really excited to bring the techniques  to my classes and clients.  Most of my clientele are quite enthusiastic about exploring the subtle body and spandana (the practice of accessing ‘spanda’) will help them understand that there are many paths to the inner peace we all seek.

All in all, I’ve returned totally re-inspired and still committed to bringing yoga therapy to the community in anyway that I can.

Group Classes continue at The Sanctuary, and private sessions are available by appointment.    I am inspired to offer a Yoga Rx Clinic once a month.  Thirty minute sessions, available without an appointment.  Thinking Saturday’s.  Any feedback?

Jai Bhagwan!

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2015 NJ Storyteller’s Festival, Grounds for Sculpture

It was at least 8-10 years ago during an exceptionally difficult time in my life that I discovered Ann Randolph.  I was at Kripalu for some serious soul-searching and she was on the  schedule for Saturday night  to perform her one-woman show “SqueezeBox”.   The last thing I wanted to do or even thought I could do that whole weekend was laugh, but laugh I did at this poignant performance from a slice of her life.  The combination of courage and creativity that I witnessed from her that night has inspired me ever since.
As you might  know I became a storyteller about 3 years ago and this semester I have been writing memoir and personal essay’s at a local college.  In this way I continue to collect personal stories from my own life that simulate the ancient stories and teachings from India. Things like right speech,  right action, and right relationship are concepts to live by and when integrated consciously and expressed creatively,  well, that’s just divine.

Ann Randolph is coming back to Kripalu in April and I’m enrolled in her 5-day course on Sharing Your Life Story.  She takes creative non-fiction to another level and turns it into stagecraft and performance art.   We’ll see what happens.    If I have time I’ll tweet out how it’s going, I’m @teachersjournal on Twitter.  Look over to the right where I’ve added a feed….you can probably follow me there if you like.

Anyway, the stars are aligned for some interesting possibilities and I’m excited to continue my pursuit of all things creative as saturn continues it’s march through the fifth house of my natal chart.    At the very least maybe my blog posts will improve!

“I write to find out what I’m thinking,  what I’m looking at,  what I see,  and what it means.”
~ Joan Didion


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meditation on the harp…..  A-Major and it’s relative minor…..

May all beings live in peace.  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi


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Which means that, right now the moon is passing through the balsamic phase.  It’s important.  Read this and come back later for more information.

May all beings live in peace.

Oh, and…..Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow.  Look in the ‘rear view mirror’ and clean up the stuff you skipped over because of:  time, money, illness, deaths, births, or ________ (fill in the blank)   There’s so much  written out here in cyberspace on this topic…’s been amazing to watch the evolution of astrology in this still new century…….   om, shanti.


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Three things cannot be long hidden:

the sun,

the moon


the truth.

Gautama Siddharta (563-483BC)

Astrologia, is a greek word that refers to the study of stars.  The earliest document available in our western libraries is believed to be from 668-626 BC and it referenced things like: astronomic observations, eclipses, and predictions.  The oldest known surviving  horoscope ( a chart cast for a human being as opposed to a chart for a city/state/organization) is believed to be from 410 BC.

The largest collection of astrological writings and manuscripts are held in the Vatican.

more later.

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On Jan 2, 2014 I set into motion my new year’s resolution to “draw something” everyday.

That same afternoon, I sat with my 6-year old granddaughter and together we drew pictures, or doodles, or whatever we wanted to do. I explained to her that I was going to draw a picture in this ‘book’ everyday. Recently when we visited in June, she asked to see my ‘book’ and was delighted to see I had continued what we had started together.  In looking thru my sketchbook it’s stunning to see what happened from late May thru June!  You don’t need to be an art therapist to see that something interrupted my ‘usual’ flow.


The underlying intention for me with this practice was to let go of any ideas of good drawing, bad drawing, and just try to let something come through that wasn’t………………………words. You see, I don’t draw. I write. I play music. I have other creative talents, but I have never really focused on drawing/painting etc. Except maybe when I had to take a couple of architectural drafting classes in college. I loved that kind of drawing. The ruler, the compass, the straight edge, and all those wonderfully sharp pencils & fine point pens, all were tools of delight.

Today, I am completely obsessed with my drawing practice. It’s the most pleasant, calming thing I do, excluding of course yoga, music practice, and playing with my cats. (who was it that said if your work is your passion then you never really ‘work’ a day in your life. ?)

I’m carefully watching my process and my progress with rapt attention ribbondoodlecropped I continue to practice what I surprisingly learned during May, 2014, and that is a ‘new’ found drawing/meditation technique known as Zentangling. ( I thought I was onto something ‘new’ myself, having come to the website quite by accident.) Anyway, I’m onto my second sketchbook, in record time,  and recommitting to my new years resolution of a drawing a day, or as it’s looking right now, ” A Doodle A Day” !

One of life’s synchronicities showed up when I recently opened Kripalu’s Fall catalogue. Right there in the first few pages on the upper right corner was an ad for the upcoming weekend with the founders of Zentangle at Kripalu! Life gets tangled up, you know and there’s more to this story than I care to write about right now.

But, it is revealing and interesting to look back at all the pictures since January and see the (artistic) representations that have developed. It’s easy to see. It’s visual. be continued.

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Hi Everyone. ThFBjuly92014doodle_thumb.jpgis is my first post on this newly-designed website. I don’t have much time to write right now. I hope to get back here later today to discuss a few things. Meanwhile, click around, and let me know, please, what needs some editing/tweaking etc. I will turn the comments on for this post.

I don’t think the link to subscribe by email is working yet.  Need to figure that out.
Jai Bhagwan.