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Chinese New Year is coming and it’s the year of the goat.  I don’t practice that particular astrological system, but I do practice Chinese Feng Shui, just about everyday.  It’s a gift to know where and how to make a small adjustment to tweak the movement of chi in my life. I am grateful.   Feng shui has brought amazing and noticable results in my personal life and for my clients as well.

Feng Shui teaches us many things. Mostly, it teaches us how to look at the world outside of our personal selves and align with what is harmonious, peaceful, and beautiful. But, that’s probably not what’s in your mind as you gaze upon the bushels of unfolded laundry blocking the bathroom door….

In ancient times when a change appeared in the local landscape the feng shui master would be called in to interpret this *change* in the environment. Change precipitates change. It’s a universal truth. If we learn to look at our surroundings and the environment beyond our walls as a ‘story unfolding’ another perspective begins to reveal itself. The art of feng shui allows us to direct the flow of chi using intention, provided that the proper conditions for manifestation exist in the time/space location. The time element is revealed thru astrology.

Feng Shui is also about looking beyond our personal self to see things that go un-noticed. Un-noticed, not because they’re hard to see (which is possible), but un-noticed because we have probably become habituated or quite accustomed to the sight of what we’re looking at. We who live on coastlines and in cities are well aware of how important a feng shui perspective can be. But, I digress. Come to my workshop…..attract good fortune.









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The WayIt’s been a while since I’ve written any feng shui posts. It’s a frequent topic for conversation in a couple of my hatha yoga classes. Go figure.

Yoga. Feng Shui. Well, yes….it does make sense.

Feng Shui is all about looking outside of us to see the things that usually go un-noticed. Un-noticed, not because they’re hard to see (which is possible), but un-noticed because we have probably become habituated or quite accustomed to the sight of what we’re looking at.

For instance, my garage roof is looking quite………………………….untidy.

It’s been that way ever since I’ve moved into the house. It doesn’t leak or create any problems… just looks a little messy. It has an old wooden roof, moss growing all over it, one shake at the top/center is missing and, the old white aluminum door is partially green from lack of sunlight. Last year I spent the entire spring/summer season cleaning out the inside which is now quite orderly, for me. My garage sits in the south east corner of my property, sometimes known as the “resource” gua. In terms of local space feng shui (astrology) the garage is on the line that represents the North Node. Hmm. That’s a tricky one to delineate.



Talented feng shui consultants are able to look at things like my garage and get a felt sense of where this untidiness or disorder is showing up in my life. It may or may not have a direct effect on those areas of my life symbolized by the placement of the garage. It’s possible that a different ‘polarity’ is being affected. It helps to have a clear mind when considering (con-sider: with the stars) all of the possibilities. HOW WE CHOOSE TO THINK about something we see affects the outcome. Yes? Of course.Peace Hexagram


Yoga is all about what is going on inside. What is present emotionally/mentally (especially on the unconscious level) when I look at my garage? Am I disturbed?

I kinda like it, actually. …….adds a bit of a rustic feeling to the plastic veneer of typical suburbia. Cleaning it out was a good thing, it created clear space for other things to happen…………and A LOT HAPPENED during that time of clean out. Perhaps I’ll tell the story someday.

For now, I think I’ll just go and pick up all the sticks and branches that have fallen around the yard over the past few windy days. It’s good to keep the clutter to a minimum. There’s a New Moon today at 18 degrees of Pisces. The sabian symbol is, “In a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance”

Sun’s out!


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Have you seen this video yet?  OMG.  It’s a must see.  Words fail.

Stay safe, dear ones. Practice metta.  Often.

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Be still

Listen to the stones of the wall.

Be silent, they try

To speak your




To the living walls.


Who are you ?


Are you?  Whose

Silence are you?


-thomas merton



Feng Shui requires us to pay attention to: sights, sounds, & smells, too.