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She’s holding at 23 Aries and retrograde.

The Sabian Symbol is:

A PREGNANT WOMAN IN LIGHT SUMMER’S DRESS with the Keynote word as “Fecundity”  Dane Rudyhar goes on to write about this degree. “This is the third stage of the fifth five-fold sequence of cyclic phases,  It combines the two preceding ones and suggests INNER FULFILLMENT.”


hRMpf!  Not with Saturn there, that’s for sure! It’s been a rough time for Earth’s population.   Eris, the goddess of strife, is all about tension and the zodiac sign of  Aries is always ready for action. (more tension) Being opposed (180 degrees of separation) for so long(months, and month, and months!) has certainly brought  a keener understanding that the rules and obligations we have been living under have , just perhaps, become irrelevant?

Saturn will be moving into Scorpio in early Oct.  Eris will be less restricted in manifesting some inner fulfillment then.


May all beings be kind. May all beings be in peace.  May all beings live in ease. ,

Ancient Wisdom Astrology philosophy

sunconjerisRemember Eris?  The goddess of chaos , strife, and rivalry.  It didn’t matter where she went.  It didn’t matter who started what, when, or whether she participated, or not.  Chaos.  Strife.  Everywhere. Outside the home.  Inside the home.  Outside in the world.  Everywhere.  Eris in Aries stirs things up.  She thrives on stress, emergencies, and high alert states.

If you were born between 1940 – 1949 then Uranus is moving into a conjunction with your natal Eris and that should make for some interesting and unexpected changes.  Let me know what happens!

This  all feels  potentially volatile  to me, and yet fraught with  exciting possibilities that have not quite yet been revealed.  There’s no knowing the outcome, we can only be present for the process.  The cycle of Uranus takes 84 years;  Eris – 557 years.

2012 continues to be a very significant year in so many ways.

The zodiac sign of Aries fires up the unpredictableness of all this chaotic strife.  Fire signs do that.  Heat things up.  And, with Aries it can get out of control really fast because innocent impulses are like that.  Fortunately, there’s enough water present in the current configurations to balance it out………..a bit.

Mars aspects gives us lots of ways it can all go.  Make your choices.  Stop the war.

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi.


Ancient Wisdom Astrology philosophy

So, are we understanding the metaphorical meaning of the word “strife & discord”, now?  (See past posts on ERIS)

The next 36 hours will provide a clue towards answering that question.  The moon is approaching her monthly conjunction with Eris, the goddess of chaos.

Practice deep breathing……………..every breath.

Om shanti Om.

Astrology Eris

31 Oct 2008  21Ar04'13"
10 Nov 2008  20Ar58'40"
20 Nov 2008  20Ar53'38"
30 Nov 2008  20Ar49'17"
10 Dec 2008  20Ar45'44"
20 Dec 2008  20Ar43'10"
30 Dec 2008  20Ar41'38"
 9 Jan 2009  20Ar41'11"
19 Jan 2009  20Ar41'51"
29 Jan 2009  20Ar43'37"
 8 Feb 2009  20Ar46'26"
18 Feb 2009  20Ar50'12"
28 Feb 2009  20Ar54'49"
10 Mar 2009  21Ar00'10"

Let’s start with today.  Nov. 5, 2008 and check the ephemeris.  She’s moving back into the 21st degree-zone on Nov. 10.   Hmmm……and then in March, 09 she makes a quick little wiggle and returns to the 22nd degree-zone.   chiron2

Let’s check the Sabian Symbols again………………..


21deg. Aries – A Puglist Enters the Ring.

22 deg. Aries – The Gate to the Garden of All-Fulfilled Desires.


Once again astrology seems to describe current day events.  Looking at the track of Eris it’s easy to see that this dance of change will continue for  quite some years to come.

Eris moves very, very slow in a zodiac segment (aries)  that prefers to move things along  swiftly.  It’s quite the dilemma for this goddess of strife.  How does one allow conflicting tensions to co-exist with peace?  What happens when you synthesize the sensations of ‘slow’ with the sensations of ‘fast’ ?

Does time stop?

Chiron/Neptune 2010 – The Rescue?   Stay tuned.

Astrology Eris philosophy Planets and their Cycles

In this post we find that Eris has shifted back into the energetic orb of 21 degrees of Aries.

In this post we learned that the 21st degree of Aries corresponds to the Sabian Symbol : “A Pugilist Enters The Ring”

Go here now………………..

The Universe works in some amazing ways.

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi.

Astrology Eris

I think I just noticed something else about this ‘data’ on Eris.

Look at it with me and please let me know if you see what I see.

20 Jan 2007  20Ar14'03"
30 Jan 2007  20Ar15'55"
 9 Feb 2007  20Ar18'49"
19 Feb 2007  20Ar22'41"
 1 Mar 2007  20Ar27'23"
11 Mar 2007  20Ar32'47"
21 Mar 2007  20Ar38'44"
31 Mar 2007  20Ar45'05"
10 Apr 2007  20Ar51'37"
20 Apr 2007  20Ar58'12"
30 Apr 2007  21Ar04'38"
10 May 2007  21Ar10'45"
20 May 2007  21Ar16'24"
30 May 2007  21Ar21'26"
 9 Jun 2007  21Ar25'44"
19 Jun 2007  21Ar29'11"
29 Jun 2007  21Ar31'41"
 9 Jul 2007  21Ar33'11"
19 Jul 2007  21Ar33'40"
29 Jul 2007  21Ar33'05"
 8 Aug 2007  21Ar31'28"
18 Aug 2007  21Ar28'52"
28 Aug 2007  21Ar25'23"
 7 Sep 2007  21Ar21'06"
17 Sep 2007  21Ar16'07"
27 Sep 2007  21Ar10'38"
 7 Oct 2007  21Ar04'49"
17 Oct 2007  20Ar58'50"
27 Oct 2007  20Ar52'53"
 6 Nov 2007  20Ar47'10"
16 Nov 2007  20Ar41'53"
26 Nov 2007  20Ar37'11"
 6 Dec 2007  20Ar33'16"
16 Dec 2007  20Ar30'14"
26 Dec 2007  20Ar28'13"

It appears to me that Eris tends to go retrograde a lot. I guess that’s because it’s so very, very far away. Retrograde motion (the appearance of going backwards) is common in astrology. The time period when the planet is in the process of switching is called ‘stationing’. Most astrologers agree that when a planet ‘stations’ the ‘energy of that planet’ intensifies. Yuck. Eris intensifying doesn’t sound like much fun. Eris, remember, is the goddess of strife.

So look at the data above and you’ll see that on July 9 she turned retrograde and sometime in mid-January, 2008 she’ll resume forward motion. (Click on the data for the link to the rest of it)

Hmmm. Not sure what this means, however I’d prefer forward motion myself unless we can actually clean up and resolve some of this worldly strife that seems to be affecting everyone, everywhere.

Today, as stated in this last post, we’re looking at 22degrees of Aries for some interpretive material. Last time we looked into Dane Rudyhar’s degree analysis. Today we’ll look at Dr. Marc Edmund Jones for some clues.

In his book, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, he writes that “this is a symbol of man’s uncompromisting faith in the fact of his being…..” He goes on to say that “Here is self-fulfillment in the realization that there are always unlimited days ahead and that immeasurable frontiers are yet to be crossed.”

Sounds good to me. However by October we’re back to the difficulty of 21 deg. Aries where there is a “complete lack of personal sensitiveness”. Ugh.

With Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars all getting ready to enter into Cardinal signs, Eris is likely to be quite stimulated over the next few decades!


eris @ apod

click on picture for more information


coming up to 21AR29.11

opportunity knocks……………………….


So, the last time we discussed Eris we were talking about strife, discord, and chaos; looking for where in our lives those circumstances are showing up.

For me, Eris lands smack in the center of my tenth house which is also populated by an Aries North Node.

Eris in the tenth seems to be showing up by placing me in circumstances where I must ‘publicly’ assert myself in ways that are habitually uncomfortable. Hmm, that deserves a portion of my meditation time.

Today had been March 31, 2007 and I can honestly say that there’s an awful lot of ‘strife’ in the world. My observations lead me to believe that the root cause is not Eris, or any other thing that is ‘outside’ of ourselves. Heal the strife within…..


April 9, 2007……thought I’d check in with Eris, the goddess of strife, discord, and struggles. Philip Sedgewick gives the astronomical position of Eris as 20AR46 as of April 2. When you have an orbiting planet/asteroid as far away as Eris is it helps to have some kind of reference/resource to help us understand. The Sabien Symbol for 21AR is ” A Pugilist Enters The Ring”. (I am refering to Dane Rudyhar’s book titled The Astrological Mandala) When Eris reaches 22AR, the forecast lightens up tremendously…..we then get to experience “the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.” Wow! Sounds special, doesn’t it? Let’s check back in and see when it’ll reach the twenty-second degree of Aries? …..April 30, 2007……enjoy it while it lasts because in Oct it develops retrograde motion and returns to the stance of the pugilist.

Webster defines the pugilist as: ___________________ (Fill in the blank)

Time passes slowly sometimes. Now it’s May 30, 2007 and Eris hasn’t budged. Continuing strife, discord and chaos……. and I can see the light, too.

Moving thru this kind of Eris energy for decades without end can be really, really, stressful.

May all beings be peaceful.


Astrology Buddhism journal entry Miscellaneous

Re-ordering the Solar System

Astronomers often disagree over what it is exactly that they’re seeing. Recently, we’ve watched them downgrade planets to dwarf planets, and discover new dwarf planets that share our Sun. It takes a long time for science to prove something. Astrologers are also cautious when faced with the task of interpreting the symbolism and metaphysical energy of a new orbiting body. What the astrologers do is to look closely at the current conditions on earth and begin to weave those details into the mythology of the named planet. What’s so amazing is that when one looks backward to the history, it is so clear how each planet and it’s astrological interpretations are ideally reflective of the conditions on earth.

Eris was officially announced to the world in July of 2005. In mythology she was the goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. Hmmm, look around. See anything? The State of The Planet, perhaps? This is how it works when a new energy enters into our consciousness. Because Eris is so very far away she tends to remain in a zodiac sign for a very, very, very long time. She’s been traveling thru Aries now since April 1924 and she’ll be in that sign until 2045. Where is Aries in your natal chart?

Eris, The Goddess of Discord

One way to think about this would be to draw an analogy to the place where you live. Imagine for a moment that tomorrow when you wake up your home has suddently doubled in size with brand new rooms you’ve never seen or entered into before. It might take some time to ‘process’ that new information!

For now there’s nothing more to think about other than to figure out where in your life are you experiencing strife, discord & rivalry and how to deal with it. I suggest attending a yoga class.

Astrology Planets and their Cycles


We’re going to follow the moon even more closely over this weekend’s workshop.  For these few days we’re in close alignment with the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle ….a time for sabbath, rest, contemplation, restoration and revival.  If we use this time accordingly we’ll be ready to maximize the potential of the New Moon on April 11 10:31 pm  in the 22nd degree of Aries.  An auspicious time ………..

On Friday at 10am,  the moon conjuncts Neptune, the ruling planet for Pisces.  This is when we’ll meet for Part 1 of our weekend.  It’s a ripe time for yoga nidra, vision-questing, and healing what ails’s us.  Bliss, nirvana, samadhi are all possible.  The intuitive channels are wide open.  Be wary of past addictions, victimization’s, poisonings, or other out-of-body escapist tendencies for the next 17 hrs,

Then on Saturday the moon enters Aries around 2 am and begins it’s march (yes, that’s how Aries likes to move, running & jumping are ok too) connecting with the other 5 planets (Chiron, Mercury, Sun, Venus, & don’t forget Eris, because she holds a grudge) also moving thru  Aries.  We’ll look at this whole parade thru Aries in 2021 to remove any obstacles that prevent future progress along our road to greater self-awareness. 

Sunday morning we’ll meet again for a closing meditation and share our experiences. At 10:30 pm the New Moon will perfect and the next cycle begins…..

Our workshop time together is in the ‘in-between-time’ of the astrological aspects.   Here is where we can connect and rest in the company of  like-minded others, and continue on our path of self-study.  We’re never finished….   Check in for more information as get closer to April.  Click on the image for a complete description of INQUIRE WITHIN.



Friday, April 9   10 am am   Opening Session   Creating safe/sacred space.  Setting an intention.  Yoga Nidra will be our primary practice.

Saturday April 10    2-5pm   Clearing the Path….  Yoga Therapy practices will be mostly off the mat, but do be prepared for some stretching, movement, pranayama, mudra, toning, asana, etc. etc.

Sunday April 11  10 am  Letting Go  Meditation, Prayer, Sharing, Completion.


Registration includes 2 links for 3 live sessions (6 -hours total)    Fri am will be recorded and the link for the recording is included in the fee for those who register early.  The 2nd link (Saturday, 2-5 pm) will be sent to you early Saturday morning.

Early Registration – $75 minimum  Deadline April 3   ($100 after that)   Registration closes April 8 6pm.  No one will be admitted who hasn’t registered by then.

TO REGISTER on Zoom for April 9 & April 11 at 10am EDT  Click here      After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Arrange for payment here.   Payment is expected before workshop begins.

And then, let me know you signed up!  Feel free to share this page and spread the word.



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