The Sanctuary

Western Exposure, Eastern Entrance
Western Exposure, Eastern Entrance

If you are looking for the schedule, it’s here.

Backstory………….April, 2002.   Before I knew what I was doing, I found myself signing a lease for a space on main street, usa. I only had a limited, partial view of the Next Step forward and yet, I was filled with joyful anticipation for the adventure to come.

 Soon after moving into my ‘space’ in the world, I had the opportunity to meet a beloved ‘guru’ of astrology from India.  My introduction to him was quite a surprise. In the language of vedic astrology guru  is Sanskrit for  Jupiter, symbolizing one who is a  Teacher, Guide, or Enlightened Being.  Anyway, I felt something curious inside my head while he was describing me to me, astrologically.  I almost felt like my mind was physically expanding in real time.  There was also a profound sense of peace, contentment and validation as I listened to his wise astrological counseling.  When I asked him to consider the  ‘new space’ that I had just leased he was very quick to bless it totally and encouraged me in my endeavor.

It’s 2018 now and The Sanctuary is still open.  So much has changed in the world particularly how yoga is offered.  I am happy to have been a part of that, for yoga never harms.   Yogi Karvi, the Guru, visited again in 2012 and I went to see him.  He continues to bless us at The Sanctuary, and  he told me to write a book, learn Hindi, and find a partner.

Om shanti.

SE View
SE View

The Sanctuary caters to clients who are seekers and want to live authentically.  Most have discovered on their own that the teachings of classical yoga  create healthy, balanced, integrated lives.  One of the precepts of yoga (yamas & niyamas) is svadhyaya, a Sanskrit word loosely translated as self-study.  At the end of his life Swami Kripalu declared that “self observation without judgment” is the highest form of yoga we can practice.

The Sanctuary is a safe and sacred space where self discovery is encouraged, deep transformation is possible, and healing can occur.   The current schedule is here.

The Sanctuary is available to guest teachers and collaborative projects. For more information please contact Ida Cullen.

 Directions to The Sanctuary.

 The Sanctuary is on the second floor of an office building  located  at 560 Main St. Suite 2C in Loch Arbor, NJ  07712 just north of Asbury Park, NJ.  There is ample parking in the back.  There is no elevator in the building.   It is easily reached from the NJ Garden State Parkway and other major roads as well as walking distance from the NJ Transit train station. Map Here

Also within walking distance is the Asbury Park Boardwalk & Downtown area,  Atlantic Ocean, Deal Lake, and local shopping & restaurants.  Go here for links.

Our telephone number is (732) 531-9013.