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Well, I’m back and it was an over-the-top fabulous week and worth the wait.   As usual, my well gets filled at Kripalu.  I am grateful.

Kripalu is a different place these days and I miss the community feeling that was created by the ashram lifestyle.   Volunteers vs Employees creates a totally different environment.  Thus, to me, today, it feels like any other 5-star holistic center….ie Omega, Esalen, The Open Center, etc. Many of the best senior teachers are gone, a serious failing since that’s when the wisdom of the yoga practice can really express itself.  The emphasis  no longer includes any of the off-the-mat practices of Kripalu Yoga.  Too bad.  It’s so needed as a counterpoint to the body-based exercises that pass for yoga today.

That said, I still love it there.  You just can’t not absorb the incredible magical, metaphysical, and spiritual energy that permeates the entire landscape.  The mountains, the lake, the fertile land, the trees and the prana in the air all conspire to create feng shui perfection.

The program, Sharing Your Life Story with Ann Randolph was over-the-top amazing and I highly recommend you see her performances or take her workshops.  I am so inspired to continue my creative non-fiction projects and hope to post some Kripalu stories here in the near future.

……more later.


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2015 NJ Storyteller’s Festival, Grounds for Sculpture

It was at least 8-10 years ago during an exceptionally difficult time in my life that I discovered Ann Randolph.  I was at Kripalu for some serious soul-searching and she was on the  schedule for Saturday night  to perform her one-woman show “SqueezeBox”.   The last thing I wanted to do or even thought I could do that whole weekend was laugh, but laugh I did at this poignant performance from a slice of her life.  The combination of courage and creativity that I witnessed from her that night has inspired me ever since.
As you might  know I became a storyteller about 3 years ago and this semester I have been writing memoir and personal essay’s at a local college.  In this way I continue to collect personal stories from my own life that simulate the ancient stories and teachings from India. Things like right speech,  right action, and right relationship are concepts to live by and when integrated consciously and expressed creatively,  well, that’s just divine.

Ann Randolph is coming back to Kripalu in April and I’m enrolled in her 5-day course on Sharing Your Life Story.  She takes creative non-fiction to another level and turns it into stagecraft and performance art.   We’ll see what happens.    If I have time I’ll tweet out how it’s going, I’m @teachersjournal on Twitter.  Look over to the right where I’ve added a feed….you can probably follow me there if you like.

Anyway, the stars are aligned for some interesting possibilities and I’m excited to continue my pursuit of all things creative as saturn continues it’s march through the fifth house of my natal chart.    At the very least maybe my blog posts will improve!

“I write to find out what I’m thinking,  what I’m looking at,  what I see,  and what it means.”
~ Joan Didion


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