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Hi Everyone. ThFBjuly92014doodle_thumb.jpgis is my first post on this newly-designed website. I don’t have much time to write right now. I hope to get back here later today to discuss a few things. Meanwhile, click around, and let me know, please, what needs some editing/tweaking etc. I will turn the comments on for this post.

I don’t think the link to subscribe by email is working yet.  Need to figure that out.
Jai Bhagwan.

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Yoga and Meditation are still at the top of my list for managing change and achieving a well-balanced life. Scroll down for my current schedule of classes. I’ve also added a Google Calendar here. Technology has sure come a long way since I first launched this site in 2002. Things are changing behind the scenes here at and I’m hoping to bring this website to the next level……of what, I’m not sure, but it is most certainly a work-in-progress. FYI I do participate in social media as best I can, so if you do find me, will you please like me? I guess that’s the way it works in the land of virtual relationships.

It says that we’re in Summer, and I am definitely enjoying the longer days whether or not they’re sunny & warm. It’s a great season to attend to some self-care that might have been neglected during the last few months. Why don’t you try a tune-up with a Personal Yoga Therapy Session designed for you. I’m offering a summer special if you book a session in July. A session can also be a nice gift for someone you love. For more information go here.

Group Yoga classes are multi-level and suitable for all bodies. If you are a beginner to yoga call ahead and let me know you’re coming. I’ll be happy to meet with you before/after class. Just show up if that’s the best you can do. 732.531.9013 is the number to leave a message if you wish to speak to me. Be patient. It may take a few days to return your call. Email is best. (

Astrological Knowledge is also at the top of my list as an unparalleled tool for self-study, self-diagnosis, time-management, and spiritual guidance. Look for more experiential workshops and a study-group to continue our discussions.

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