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Hi Everyone….  Longevity is the one of the topics of this panel discusssion…and it’s made for some interesting conversations in our yoga classes.  I  highly recommend listening to it if you are of the Boomer generation like me.  The young one you see is the CEO of Facebook.  Very interesting.


Robert Sapolsky, who is one of the panelists, wrote the book, Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers and it was required reading for certification in Integrative Yoga Therapy (2000).  I couldn’t put it down.  It explained so much to me and informs my yoga still to this day.

…more later.

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Namaste, Dear Ones.

I took a bit of a sabbatical this winter.  It was so cold, dark, and wintry that I found myself in a place of…incubation.  Yes!  That’s the right word.  I’ve learned that there are times when I need to completely unplug and go quiet.  Usually a day or two is enough.  But this past winter, I found the silence to be so blissful that I began to detach more and more from the usual busyness I engage in.  Now, it feels like something new is ready to come forth.  But, not quite yet.  Meanwhile….

Yoga and Meditation are still at the top of my list for managing change and achieving a well-balanced life. Scroll down for the current schedule of classes. There’s a Google Calendar you can download.

Kripalu Yoga & Integrative Yoga Therapy are my chosen yogic methodologies to teach.   The classes are slow, gentle, challenging and oriented towards healing. If you are interested in simply exercising your body, another class/teacher might be more appropriate.   Please read some of the articles I’ve published on this website to gain a sense of the teaching.  I began my yoga studies in 1976 and I teach now from decades of experience & years of training.  Group Yoga classes are multi-level and suitable for all bodies.  If you are a beginner to yoga call ahead and let me know you’re coming. I’ll be happy to meet with you before/after class. Or, just show up if that’s the best you can do. 732.531.9013 is the number to leave a message if you wish to speak to me. Be patient. It may  a day or two to return your call.   Email: (    Text: 732.531.9013

More and more of you are visiting Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA and feeling the energy, so to speak.  To that note, we are going there again in May and all are welcome to join us.  Details on the schedule page.

Astrological Knowledge is also at the top of my list as an unparalleled tool for self-study, self-diagnosis, time-management, relationship revelations and spiritual guidance.   Discussion Group Now Forming. (May)  We will gather together to discuss current astrological trends, their impact on human life, and what we can do about it.  Depending on the size and nature of the group we may practice learning astrology experientially.    Please contact Ida if you’re interested.  We’ll decide together which evening to meet. Bring your natal chart!

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meditation on the harp…..  A-Major and it’s relative minor…..

May all beings live in peace.  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi


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Chinese New Year is coming and it’s the year of the goat.  I don’t practice that particular astrological system, but I do practice Chinese Feng Shui, just about everyday.  It’s a gift to know where and how to make a small adjustment to tweak the movement of chi in my life. I am grateful.   Feng shui has brought amazing and noticable results in my personal life and for my clients as well.

Feng Shui teaches us many things. Mostly, it teaches us how to look at the world outside of our personal selves and align with what is harmonious, peaceful, and beautiful. But, that’s probably not what’s in your mind as you gaze upon the bushels of unfolded laundry blocking the bathroom door….

In ancient times when a change appeared in the local landscape the feng shui master would be called in to interpret this *change* in the environment. Change precipitates change. It’s a universal truth. If we learn to look at our surroundings and the environment beyond our walls as a ‘story unfolding’ another perspective begins to reveal itself. The art of feng shui allows us to direct the flow of chi using intention, provided that the proper conditions for manifestation exist in the time/space location. The time element is revealed thru astrology.

Feng Shui is also about looking beyond our personal self to see things that go un-noticed. Un-noticed, not because they’re hard to see (which is possible), but un-noticed because we have probably become habituated or quite accustomed to the sight of what we’re looking at. We who live on coastlines and in cities are well aware of how important a feng shui perspective can be. But, I digress. Come to my workshop…..attract good fortune.









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……I’ve given myself some time & space to write/tell some about my dear Aunt Em.  She is auntema sister to my mother, and also to Uncle Sam….he’s the one I storytold about at the Hamilton Grounds for Sculpture.  Blog post here. What’s so interesting is that since I told that story in September new information has come to me that sheds more light on my connection to civil rights issues…    and, We all need more light, you know?

The topic for the telling is Romance….which is a pretty wide open subject that can be interpreted in so many ways.  However, I knew immediately that this story about my aunt needed to be the first ‘romantic’ story I must tell.  Although, it is very tempting to fly open and tell some tales of my own romantic adventures.   But,most of the characters are still alive to contradict my perspective….which isn’t necessarily a bad thing……..and, now is not the time for that…..or is it?   (pardon my confusion……neptune hovers endlessly around my moon/mars/venus……

Telling the tales of my long departed family feels safe, and even important, since these people provided me with most of my DNA.  It’s good to know your roots and where you come from.  It’s good to see how the stories of our childhood have shaped us, molded us and continue to show us parts of ourselves that may go unnoticed.   But, I digress.   I learned a tune month’s ago at the Harper’s Escape and it’s perfect for this story and provides a perfect title as well…..The Factory Girl.  Don’t know if I’m bringing the harp though….the weather outside is frightful.

I’m going over to the Schedule page now to publish dates and times in case you are local and want to attend.  All Welcome…..


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Which means that, right now the moon is passing through the balsamic phase.  It’s important.  Read this and come back later for more information.

May all beings live in peace.

Oh, and…..Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow.  Look in the ‘rear view mirror’ and clean up the stuff you skipped over because of:  time, money, illness, deaths, births, or ________ (fill in the blank)   There’s so much  written out here in cyberspace on this topic…’s been amazing to watch the evolution of astrology in this still new century…….   om, shanti.